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Fokker D.VI 1/72 Roden

April 17, 2014 · in Aviation · · 12 · 4.3K

Not the most popular aircraft.
Looks like the kid from marriage Dreidecker and Fokker D.7 🙂

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  1. Fantastic work, Korolev, especially in 1/72 scale. Can you tell us more about you built and painted it?

  2. Vlad,
    Outstanding build. You have done wonders in this small scale. I really like this.

  3. Stunning workmanship, sir...WWI a/c are not "my thing", but this is a work of art. You are to be commended, my friend. And your photographic presentation is very imaginative. I like this very much. Stellar job!

  4. Excellent, brilliant build. These bi-planes in 1/72 are really small so the detail presented here is incredible.

  5. Daintily done.

  6. Excellence once again. Good stuff, Vlad!

  7. Very sharp build Vlad. I assume the D.VI was the predecessor to the D.VII which is why there is no rigging between the wing struts. What do you use for rigging in this scale.

  8. Nice clean build, I wonder how effective this camo scheme was on the prototype. Great job.

  9. Another excellent build! As others have said, I am amazed at your ability to build and finish these so well at 1/72. Thanks for the many photos.

  10. Knowing how easy those 1/72 Roden(t) kits are(n't), you definitely score a 10 for not killing the thing along the way, and a big compliment for doing such a good job.

  11. Great build Vlad, was the paint work fun or decals?
    Nicely done though.

  12. Friends, many thanks for your comments.

    Despite my bad knowledge of English, I will try to answer.

    Fokker D.VI and VII had no rigging. And usually I do them of a thread which I take out from a nylon bow. If the thread is necessary more thickly, I take a thread for beads.

    Set Roden pleasant in construction, except two moments.
    These are racks I covered. They thin and fragile. I replaced them with scraps of metal needles.

    And main problem this bad quality decal-lozeng. It is torn and scattered on pieces. Also it isn't glued on bends. It was succeeded to fix decal on model only 70% vinegar.

    On a cowl and wheels I made up strips beams by means of masks.

    I photographed in the morning in the greenhouse with a polyethylene covering. The such big light - box. 🙂

    Best regards, Vlad.

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