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Monogram 1/48 B-25J

April 5, 2014 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.4K

This is the first of the medium bombers I've finished. I have to say the quality of the kits during this era was and still is very nice! I've built the B-29 a couple of times and the B-17 and they're all fun builds! (I also have an A-26 and a B-26 in the works.)

The kit went together without any major problems and I only had to use a bit of filler in the nose section.

I did manage to find one picture of the actual aircraft taken just after it had gotten hit by AA and was going down. Unfortunately it was a very low level attack and the crew did not survive.

The plane was painted with Model Master enamels and metalizers. The wings and vertical tails were painted separately from the fuselage and attached after painting was completed. This allowed me easy access to the inboard side of the nacelles and the adjacent fuselage to make painting the demarcation line a little easier.

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  1. What can say, I'm prejudiced the kit with the good,bad and the ugly.It still is and will always be a classic with a little TLC. For 18-23.00 dollars U.S its a old school build that requires some skill and elbow grease, patience, perhaps some scribing although, B-25s had over lapping skin ...kind of like looking at Rachael Welch when done.

    Two thumbs up.

    • Thanks! I like your B-25 as well. I'd like to build an early one with a Norden sight instead od all the guns in the nose. I have found Accurate Miniatures B-25B, so I might give that one a try to compare the two. I did enjoy building this one and would like to do another in NMF all polished up with the "Panchito" markings like the DAV's that is flying now.

  2. Very nice example, Josh...and nice photography as well. I'm a little surprised to hear you say that this was one of the first Monogram bombers you've built, given the fact they've been around for so long...(and I've built them all at least once). And you're right about the quality...until the "Asian Invasion", Monogram was the elite of the domestic offerings in my opinion. And I agree, they still hold up to the quality standards if ya ask me. I don't think you can wrong with anything with the Monogram name on it.

    • Well, it's the first of the small bombers. I've built a couple of B-29s a B-17 and a B-24D. I'm trying to get a complete lineup of American bombers from WWII. I have an ESCI and a Monogram B-26. I can't decide which I like better.

  3. Hello Josh...Nice job on that fine ole Monogram kit. I've built a couple of them over the years and enjoyed each one of them. Thanks for sharing those good photos and keep up the fine modeling work.

  4. Nice Build Josh, im with Craig on the Monogram theme its a shame the moulds cant be up-dated to include things like recessed panel lines and maybe sharpen up some of the detail thats been lost over the years here and there maybe some new clear parts i.e a bit thiner, if these things could be done monogram would then be number one option if US aircraft were your thing,

    You have done a great job on this one Josh and i like your outdoor photography it looks fantastic against dark blue sky.

    Nicely Done Josh


  5. Great build there Josh. And as other people have said Monogram were the big shots at one stage similar to Airfix over here.
    Like the pics, and a nice paint job.
    Well done Josh.

  6. Nice clean build, looks prototypical.

  7. great job Josh fantastic pics especialy first pic

  8. Josh,
    Great looking model. This was one Monograms best as far as am concerned. Their B-25 goes together much better than their B-26. You mentioned you have the ESCI and the Monogram B-26. Even with it's warts I would go for the Monogram. The AM kits are superb but they are earlier versions.

    • Too bad you really can't see all the stuff they put in the back of this thing! It was fun painting it anyway! My ammo boxes are actually the wrong color in the back. I didn't know about the red/brown plastic boxes till I got to the nose compartment.

  9. Great photographs, Josh, and great model, too.

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