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1/48th RF-101C Conversion

May 14, 2014 · in Aviation · · 22 · 3.9K

This RF-101C was originally built several years ago. It got damaged a while back when I dropped another model on it while re-arranging my model shelves. The horizontal tails, one of the dive brake doors and one of the flaps were also knocked off as well as the 'snake' decal on the tip of the tail being damaged. Joseph Osborn, who had originally made the custom decals for the Voodoo, was kind enough to provide a replacement set of 'snakes'. So with some touch up on the paint, a couple of new decals and some parts repaired and reattached, the RF-101C once again regains her place on my shelves. The basic kit used for the conversion build was the fine 1/48th F-101B. The resin conversion parts to modify it to a RF-101C came from C&H. It's airbrushed with MM enamel with Dark green, medium green (darkened a bit), dark tan and gull gray also darkened down a bit. It was a challenge to convert the kit but I did finish it. The plane is marked with the 'JO' modex which was the 29th TRS, 363rd TRW based at Shaw AFB, SC in the late 60's. I see that Kitty Hawk is releasing the F-101A/C version and I guess I'm going to have to have one of those.

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  1. Looks good as new, Jim...let us know how that Kitty Hawk kit works out for ya. I still got my doubts about them after givin' up on my F-35B.

  2. Hello Craig...seems like I read a read a blurb on one of the modeling sites saying that Kitty Hawk will be releasing the kit soon. Likely I will pick one up when they become available.

  3. Nice work on the Voodoo. I am waiting for the Kitty Hawk release.

  4. And Kitty Hawk is going to do the RF-101C before the end of the year.
    Nice work on this, and a great "save.:

  5. Excellent "One-Oh-Wonder" Jim, glad you were able to save it after it was damaged. The Arkansas Air Guard had a squadron of RF-101C's at Little Rock when I was there, I'll never forget the tremendous bang of the hard light afterburners as they started their take-off rolls.

    • Thanks Rick and I share your appreciation of the Voodoo. I photographed quite a few RF-101C's at Shaw AFB, SC back in the late 60's. My RF-101C model markings came from one of those photos. Those birds were loud and awesome to watch.

  6. Nice save Jim.
    Well done mate.

  7. a really sweet build jim...and fairly rarely seen

  8. That came out very well! I would never know by looking that you had to repair it. Great job on a great - looking jet!

  9. Funny how things turn out sometimes, Jim, you've made what many would have seen as a disaster into a great model again.

  10. Thanks George...after all the time spent and challenges with that build, I was determined to put it back as it was before the accident.

  11. Nice clean build, nice "soft edge" camo on the aircraft.

  12. Thanks Mike...I'm still using the same ole Passche H-1 airbrush that I've had for over 25 years.

  13. Jim,
    Excellent. I love it. I have always liked this version of the 101 and at one time I had a vac form conversion but never felt like taking it on. I am happy to hear that Kitty Hawk is coming out with this version. If I get it and build it I hope it comes out half as nice as yours. Great job.

  14. Thanks Frank, I too look forward to that Kitty Hawk release. Like yourself, I like the long nose recce version too and hope that one will also be released at some time.

  15. Jim,
    Fantastic job on this really intriguing aircraft. And quite a story about the accident, and I'm glad it has a happy ending! Your posting encouraged me to take some photos of my F-101B and add to iModeler. Many thanks for sharing this fine build.

  16. looking very good jim ! well done !

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