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Little Fokkers

December 10, 2015 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.8K

Hi All! Christmas is coming sooo... I built these little planes (1:72) as christmas presents. This time aesthetics was more important than authencticity but I tried my best to keep tha balance between the two things. The DR.1 is for someone whose favourite book's uses this plane as illustration (hence the white background for the crosses and the natural metal cowling). I bought the E.III in a perfumery (really! :))) ) and made along with the another Fokker. Some things are updated a little aon these kits - both are from - for example the interiors (new seats with harnesses, control columns and instrument panels). These kits are quite basics but the parts fit well and the part breakdowns are logical and good. On some areas the moulds show their ages - particularly on the E.III - as You have to clean up lot of seams and excess flashes. I actually accidentally throw away the machine gun of the E.III because I didn't realizet that as a part not a pieceof sprue 馃檪 - so another cratching. I enjoyed these builds a lot they were stress-free and relaxing experiences (so much that I thinking of make a collection with these little WW1 fighters... but so much kit is awaiting n the stash). These old Revell kits are quite good in every respect I reccommend these for everyone - particularly the red one as that plane really no need too much rigging. I know that it is a bit early but Have a Great Modelin' Christmas! And have a good day folks! 馃槈

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  1. Nice work, Ga'bor...they would probably make nice little tree ornaments.

    • Yes, Gabor, you could start your own Christmas ornament range: Gabor's Little Fokkers (available from specialty websites...).

      • Naw, sell them from the perfumery. They'd probably go for the "cute" factor. Thoughtful gift for the boyfriend or husband, maybe even both! I see commercial potential!
        Meant to ask, is the one you got from the perfumery slightly scented?
        Great work, and nice to see them again. Been a while, and probably at this time of the year, too.

  2. 馃檪 ... Greetings ... 馃檪 :

    Gabor, you have done a very great work on these. It is a joy too watch them. I am much in par with Craig, but with a slight difference. They would probably do nice little tree ornaments, I say they WILL and DO make little tree ornaments. I have four boxes of well packed and protected 1/64 scale NASCAR's ( HOT WHEELS editions ), I made into tree ornaments. I hope to use them next year, they are still packed and in storage. See it as ORIGINALITY and CREATIVE as well as IMAGINITIVE , trust me ... you will love them.

    Good work, thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. Yes, very neat and tidy little things.

    I like the irony of using killing machines as tree ornaments too!

  4. Gabor those are two of the nicest Little Fokker's I've ever seen. What did you use for the rigging?

  5. I'll be leaving my stocking out in the hope of receiving one of these little gems, if only I knew Father Christmas' e-mail address!

  6. Lovely little aircraft, you did a great job on them!

  7. Lovely little aircraft! Fantastic job on such small builds!

  8. Thank You! I made small vignettes for them with a pilot figure (aerobonus).

  9. Gabor, I love these "Little Fokkers!"
    (And your sense of humour!)
    I still have the DR1 my Dad made decades ago and yes, I think these would be great Christmas Tree ornaments, due to their size. Plus, the irony "of using killing machines as tree ornaments too!" (as said by Don Smith) is interesting. It just proves that good things can come from odd places.

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