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My 1/48 “Jug”

Here’s my version of the Revell (Monogram to my old way of thinking…) P-47D ‘Razorback’. I tried to model it after the one you see on the book in some of the photos. The book is a 1989 Squadron/Signal Publication titled “49th Fighter Group” by Earnest R. McDowell, that has been laying on a shelf in my basement for some years. According to the book, the plane itself is from the 9th squadron, flown by Lt. James C. Haislip in early 1944, New Guinea I think.

This model was bought to practice on before tackling, and potentially messing up, some other nicer and more expensive kits.
So its a learning curve…a couple of lessons are
– CA glue really helps in a pinch, like when the landing gear starts to collapse. Uh, I’ll stick to that from now on for the landing gear.
-cutting the fuselage numbers (80) out from a white decal stripe that won’t be used is hard to get a good result…
-peanut butter works well to get the sticky gunk off the canopy that is left behind from using Scotch tape to mask it
-maybe some Scotch tape that is not ancient wouldn’t leave so much sticky gunk behind. bought a new roll of transparent tape on my way home today.
-maybe I should break down and brave going to Wally-world and see if they have that Pledge/Future stuff. I really don’t like going there, but no grocery store around here carries it.
Thanks for letting me post my humble model!

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to My 1/48 “Jug”

  1. Nice T-bolt Ralph, looks like you captured your subject very nicely.
    It maybe old as the hills but the Monogram Thunderbolts still look as nice as their younger siblings

  2. very fine work Ralph…and still a great kit

  3. hey Ralph that is a really nice looking jug – great work!

  4. Well done Ralph.

  5. Peanut Butter?? That really works? Never heard that tip before….must work OK because the model came out fine.
    All this time I’ve been using Goobegone.

    • Yea, peanut butter. I learned it from my wife. Use the creamy Jiff bran, save the good crunchy Smuckers for eating!, I put about a pencil eraser size wad of it on a Q-Tip and rub at it, the goo sticks to it then I wipe it off with a paper towel.

  6. Nice-lookin’ build, Ralph….’course I’m a s****r for P-47’s anyhow (lol). Next time you’re in Lowe’s or Home Depot, getcha some a that 3M Blue painters tape. A myriad of uses, widths and no “sticky stuff” left over. And if ya place any kind of on-line order, include some of that Tamiya yellow tape (again, varying widths and no residue). And I know whatcha mean about Future….I can’t find it either. I found a similar product, but it just ain’t the same. And I refuse to go to Wal-Mart for ANYTHING.

  7. Good looking model, Ralph, glad to see you getting back into the hobby so well. Looking forward to seeing your next build.

  8. Excellent build Ralph. I love the P-47 especially the old Revell/Monogram kits. Best modelling tape you can buy is Tamiya. Scotch tape has too strong adhesive, especially if its left on for more than a couple of hours. I look forward to your next build.

  9. Nice work! My only suggestion would be to stick with styrene glue for the landing gear, then once it’s cured, reinforce with cyanoacrylate. Nothing beats the “weld” of the glue with a little help afterwards.

  10. Nice P-47 build Ralph. Those older Monogram kits still have a lot of potential. You did a very nice job with yours.

  11. Well done Ralph, you did well on the Revell/Monogram kit. Gregor mentioned Tamiya tape and I concur, I had a couple of models that I had not been able to get back to with the canopies masked off for painting. Both almost a year with them all the glazings masked off. Finally got around to finishing the painting process, now it was time to remove the tape, dreading that being on so long I would have to deal with the residue. Well I was happy to report no residue, I was pleasantly surprised.


  12. Nice one Ralph, we all know that Craig likes big “Jugs” who don`t…..
    As above with Gregor, Tamiya or Kabuki tape is the best stuff to use.
    But cheers for the tip n using peanut butter.
    Well done sir.

  13. Nice clean build, love the “Tip” on peanut butter.
    As for canopies, a company (Squardron?) used to manufacture a product called “magic masker”, in the 1970’s. It went on with a paint brush, and, after the applied paint was dry, you would use your finger tip to rub off the “masking” stuff, it cleaned up nice. Does anyone remember this product, it was pink in color.

  14. I don’t know if you know this but Future has changed it name to Pledge Floor Care with Future Shine in smaller letters. It is by Johnson & Johnson

  15. Ralph,
    Good job on this. I’m sure the stars are looking down on this.

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