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B-26B “I****s Delight” 575th BS / 391st BG

This aircraft is reputed to be the “scruffiest” Marauder of them all and had there been a contest for the worst one it would have won. I have shown wear on this model but it is nothing compared to photos of the real airplane. I used Aero Master decals sheet 48-501 for this scheme. This sheet does not show the airplane with D-Day stripes but it does indicate that it did wear the stripes on June 6, 1944 and for a period of time after that date. It is painted with Model Master enamels’ with “Rub n Buff” for the wear.

This is the Monogram 1/48 kit, which is still in production as far as I know. In the box the plastic parts are beautifully molded. It is not a complicated kit to build but I did run across fit issues which required a considerable amount of filling and sanding. At this point it is still the only 1/48 Marauder still available. It would be nice to see one in this scale with today’s technology but that may never come to pass. Regardless of some of it’s warts it is still one of the great Monogram kits.

I had the great opportunity to meet and speak to a gentleman from the 451st BS / 322 BG. He was the operations officer of this group and made a number of combat missions in the B-26 Marauder. When I met him he was 93 years old and I saw him very recently. He has slowed a bit physically but is still sharp as a tack mentally. He was with this squadron on D-Day and then moved to France a few months later. I re-painted an R/C B-26 that he had made and posted that on iModeler. The model is now hanging in the Hiller Museum in San Carlos. He is one of the many men doing their duty on June 6,1944.

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16 responses to B-26B “I****s Delight” 575th BS / 391st BG

  1. I’ve done this one, too, Frank….the “old” Monogram kit is still pretty good if ya ask me. And you’ve just proved it (again). Very nicely done. I like it!

  2. Very nice work Frank as usual.

  3. Awesome, Frank. Not only did it turn out great, but it was done under quite a handicap. Kudos for even finishing it, and more for the beautiful job.

  4. Great job, Frank, I don’t know much about old Monogram kits, but you’ve obviously used all your skill and experience in completing what is, I’m sure, a not so easy kit. Is this part of the ‘official’ D-Day build?

  5. Just beautiful Frank. Makes me want to do another. You’ve shown what an excellent job can be done with ‘old’ technology kits,

  6. I have a couple of these kits in my stash and seeing yours is an inspiration! Just beautiful! I don’t really think that a new-mold kit will ever come out in this scale, but Monogram’s kits still hold up extremely well in the face of some of the more modern kits. Well done!

  7. Fantastic model and tribute to the B-26 crews. Great work Frank, well done.

  8. Nice work, Frank. We don’t see many B-26s, with or without stripes.

  9. Great B-26 Frank. Nice D-Day representation.

  10. Super work Frank – and thanks for sharing the story of your meeting the operations officer – I’m sure it was a special experience to meet him.

  11. beautiful job on that fast war horse Frank…you’ve done the crew and your self pround

  12. Frank,
    You did it! Great to see finished what I saw in progress. It sure doesn’t look like you had any trouble with it. Beautiful job. I’ll be looking for the C-47.

  13. Lovely work Frank,thanks for taking part.

  14. Nice clean build.

  15. That looks very realistic Frank, a very nice build. You have that worn appearance spot on there!

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