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Hasegawa Spitfire Mk VIII ‘Hava Go Jo!’ in 1/48

When I first built this kit it was hot off the press & being well & truly bagged on the internet.

I don’t usually run a ruler over my models, preferring to the eyeball Mk.1 to gauge accuracy. In this case, the critics were right & something had to be done. Granted the mouldings & fit were excellent, as were the decals, but being a Spitfire enthusiast most of my life I resolved to put matters right within reason. Basically, the wingspan was fine, the spinner too big, the nose too short & the rear fuselage too short too. The fix was to use an Otaki spinner & prop; add 1.5mm to the nose & use another under cowl for extra length & add about 2.5mm to the rear fuselage (interestingly the overall length now seems to match my Eduard Mk.IX).

The model I elected to do was ‘Ava go Jo’ UP-F of 79 Sqn RAAF as flown by Flt Lt. Norm Smithells. Some controversy here, as most references at the time stipulated a dark green & light mixed green over mid sea grey scheme Yes, it looked fine… until I saw several newer comments about the authenticity of the light mixed green. I resolved one day to do a repaint using ocean grey, but I needed some replacement decals. To cut a long story short, it eventually happened; and here it is! Two things for the sharp eyed: there should be a rear vision mirror on the windscreen arch (there is now) & maybe the pink elephant should be grey, but where’s your sense of humour? Pink it stays..

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to Hasegawa Spitfire Mk VIII ‘Hava Go Jo!’ in 1/48

  1. Nice! I like the RAAF markings.

  2. Not sure about the pink elephant Tony, but it looks great.
    Well done mate, like the pics too.

  3. We’ll done Tony.

  4. oi oi oi. Super nice. Is the grey Nurse next?

  5. Really nice job Tony , I’m more into Hurricane and Thunderbolts but I have to say I like it !

  6. Excellent model, and I really love your groundwork too!

  7. Great looking Spit

  8. This is a demonstration of the fact that just because the drawings are “gold plated” doesn’t mean they’re right. There is in fact a set of drawings that absolutely match this kit perfectly, created by a Major Name (who shall remain nameless here since he’s long since taken his lumps) in Japanese Aviation experts. Go look at the Aero Detail (nice, expensive, top-drawer) book on the Merlin-60 Spitfires. The drawings fit this kit perfectly, and were acclaimed by many when the book came out in 1999, about the time the designers at Hasegawa were casting about for research on their coming project to “climb Mount Everest” and create The Perfect Spitfire Kit. Why wouldn’t they use the Best Drawings Ever from one acclaimed as The Most Expertest Expert Ever?

    As the old saying goes, “No good deed ever goes unpunished.”

    And Tony, I have this nice interesting looking jacket with lots of belts and buckles and nice long sleeves to keep you warm on cool nights. Come here sir, let me help you on with it. There we go! Now, just come here with me sir, you’ll like this nice room we have for you all ready. Look – the walls are leather! So is the ceiling. So is the floor. You’ll never be able to hurt yourself here. Just step right in sir….

    • Each to his own I suppose. It’s a hobby, after all & we each probably have our own ideas about what looks right & what doesn’t. I agree with you about the perils attached to ‘scale’ drawings & I rely on photographs a lot as well as personal observation where possible. I try not to be obsessive & many of my models are made out of the box. I must confess though, I like a challenge & a successful outcome makes me feel good. I really only have to please myself but if others like my models, that’s a plus. I certainly enjoy the comments & the skills shown on this site. May I pass, then, on the leather jacket & the padded room?

  9. Very nice job, great to see different codes and markings, like the “JEJ” MkIX markings, too many “Grey Nurses” out there, nice to see a change!

  10. Accurate, or not, as the case maybe, you’ve put some excellent workmanship into this one, Tony, and it shows. Nice pictures as well.

  11. Nice clean build, great photos.

  12. Tony,
    I don’t care, I really like this and I think you did an outstanding job.

  13. Thanks All for your very kind comments. I always enjoy building Spitfires (and Mustangs, Kittyhawks, Bf 109s, Thunderbolts…………)

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