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Takom 1/35 Chieftain Mk 11 Stillbrew

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Another of the Takom Chieftain’s, in this case the Stillbrew Mk11. This is a great kit, but I think that the Stillbrew panels are too perfect. I’ve taken pictures of three different Stillbrew Chieftains, all of which have a rougher texture and casting numbers on them, along with the attachment bolt heads being visible. Sadly, these are missing from the Takom kit, so I’ll be adding them on later models… I’ve added some images of a Chieftain “Antrim” 00 EB 59, which was just finishing restoration in Aldershot, circa 2000

The paint scheme is for a Canadian BATUS (British Army Training Unit, Suffield) Chieftain with TOGS (Thermal Observation and Gunnery System) which was fitted as standard to Challenger, the Chieftains successor

34 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to Takom 1/35 Chieftain Mk 11 Stillbrew

  1. wonderful to look at/ intriguing to me

  2. Ian, nice job on my favorite British tank!

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