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The chosen scheme, but need more info. Added a couple other pics for intrest

June 12, 2014 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.6K

Trying to find more info on this , would like the BuNo and to know what the emblem is on the nose? Found it on a site about Midway Island, she is a SAR bird from the 60s.
I also added some other similar pics, all from near the same time frame but ranging from Annapolis bird to Key West, Iwakuni and the Caroline islands. Note these are all Cs, though in some places I have seen the Kwajalein listed as a D. It does not seem to have the long cambered wings however,

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  1. A little help here, Mr. Bailey... ? 🙁 I believe you know of such things waterborne.

  2. said on June 12, 2014

    i've seen that livery on cubi point P.I. airframes

  3. It is a variation of the "SAR" scheme, common on both HU16Cs and Ds. Though this mutation with the fluorescent orange panels seen here and on one from Brunswick, seem to be more common on Cs.

  4. That's a bold choice of colour scheme .

  5. Good choice. Break out the masking tape.

  6. I look forward to seeing this one built

  7. Looks like I may have to choose a different bird, a guy on facebook is telling me she's a D 🙁 That's ok there are others like it that are Cs. The wings don't look like a D though... Looked it up on Joe Baugher's site. If the guy on FB is correct about the BuNo 141274, it was built as a UF-1, but a lot of those 14xxxx birds were modded to HU-16D long wings. Ahh well back to the pallet!

  8. Well you can save that for something to pursue in the future. As I believe that Trumpeter will release the D version down the road. But who knows. That scheme is pretty cool. Those images bring back great memories of the Philippines. Spent a crazy 6 weeks at NAS Cubi Point back in July/Aug 1986.

  9. Never made it to Cubi, but I have heard the stories! Got to pull in to Manilla twice on Indy though. Shore patrol with the Manilla police was "interesting". We mostly just made rounds to windows in back alleys where the policemen were handed small paper bags. I was wise enough to not ask questions about it! And Bob I have the caracal sheet, it will be my primary source of markings, though I believe that their nose star and bar insignia for the Whidby bird seems slightly over size.

  10. said on June 14, 2014

    I landed on Midway as a Loadmaster in a C-130 in 1991 or 92! Parked right where that Albatross was, it still looked like that! My Unit also flew the HU-116, Maryland Air National Guard's 135th Tactical Airlift Group. I still have a post card from there...

  11. Cool! I have never been there, but oddly eneough my guitar ( A Fender Telecaster) has. We had a broken C-2 we repaired in Hawaii and then sent on it's way. I had my tele with me and since we flew commercial air so we could be at the next stop before our COD got there, I put my Tele in the hands of our aircrewman. It landed on Wake and Midway before the bird broke down again on Guam. We got her fixed there and she hopped with my guitar aboard to Singapore then we met up again in Bahrain. The COD is the one I am standing in front of in my picture, her name was "Pineapple Express" with appropriate nose art above the main Entrance Hatch.

  12. Rob,
    I really look forward to seeing this completed. I love the scheme you have chosen.

  13. Thanks Frank, The one in the pic sadly is a D, but there are others with this scheme one from Pensacola and one from Brunswick, I have been trying to find others with this scheme as well but so far no luck!

  14. My grandfather was with midway sar back in the 60's. I have the midway sar patch in my model cabinet that was worn on his flight suit. He may have flown on that exact bird. My mom still talks of living there when she was younger and how she absolutely loved it there.

  15. Great story Andrew, I was always envious of the crewmen on my Det (and my Telecaster) that got to stop there.

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