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Grumman HU-16 Albatross

Rivet City (Monogram) HU-16B

One to add to my archive. I made this one some years ago. Festooned with rivets, I did my best to get a good fit between parts so I could avoid sanding them away. Tamiya spray can silver and Testors paints finished the job.

1/48 Trumpeter HU-16A Albatross Sea Plane

This build is the Trumpeter 1/48 HU-16A Albatross. I chose the United States Coast Guard scheme from 1957 using Caracal decals. The kit itself comes with a small photo etch set for added details, metal landing gear struts, and rubber [...]

Monogram HU-16B Albatross – my Father’s plane

First post on this incredible site. I’m an RC guy who has recently rediscovered my youth in plastic airplanes. I have a LOT to learn from the talent on this site, so thank you to all of the contributors. For years I’ve wanted to [...]

HU-16RD Albatross

I built this replica of the Albatross on display at the Hiller Aviation Museum. The actual aircraft was highly modified for a round-the-world trek following the route intended by Amelia Earhart. I used Trumpeter’s 1:48 HU-16A as the [...]

Monogram 1/72 Hu-16 Albatross

Monogram's Albatross has been around forever, and still hasn't lost it's appeal to me. Everyone, it seems, loves sea planes and amphibians. Luckily, for the modeler, there are quite a few in 1/72 scale, which is a manageable size. [...]

U.S.Coast Guard HU-16E 1963

Well today is the US Coast Guard's 225th birthday, so I had to post something the "wing maggots" (we-who-did-not-fly's endearing term for our CG aviator brothers) would recognize. It's the last of my Monogram 1:72 scale HU-16's [...]

Grumman HU-16 ALBATROSS, “The Goat”

The HU-16 first flew in 1947, designed as a replacement for the PBY "Catalina" amphibian. The US Air Force puchased it's first example in 1949 with the US Navy taking delivery of the amphibian in 1949. The US Coast Guard [...]

Albatross around my neck :)

Well it was a long journey this my first Trumpeter kit, mods include Alley Cat canopy, bubble windows on the side, Navy tail and wing antenna, engine mods to get them close to being correct, float angle, clear beads for wing tip lights and [...]

Albatross sneak peak

Ok last update until I finish up, Caracal decals, kit decals and spares decals to make the Brunswick SAR bird, whew so far so good!

Color quandry

Hi folks, I have attached a heavily cropped (trying to respect copywrite while still asking a question about it) picture of an HU-16C that is/was stored at Davis Monthan. It appears is several color profiles the most famous being in [...]