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1/48 Accurate Miniatures A-36 “Apache”

July 8, 2014 · in Aviation · · 12 · 3K

i built one of these last year and posted it but was never satisfied with the result...removed the post and trashed the model...the national insignia's on the wing and fuselage are of course is larger and i flubbed it up...then i tried to correct it with "torch" markings...the outer circle on the "torch" markings are bigger than the theatre markings...they are not the same as these as i found out

...i'm far from a rivet counter but i just couldn't live with it...i removed the post and attempted to remove the decals once more and pulled up the clear coat with them...then tossed the whole project in the circular file...i bought another kit and set of decals and got it right this time...hopefully...i dropped the flaps and used three guys decals...i think personally these are some of the best looking mustangs

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  1. Good looking Apache/Invader/Mustang. I share your pain Bob. I once launched a Hobbycraft P-36 across my basement in frustration over the decals. I'm better Maybe

  2. Don't know about the one that got filed but this one is sharp.
    Well done.

  3. I think this is great! I'm also glad to find out an A-36 kit is made - Thanks

  4. Beautiful model Bob. I note one teensy weensy little tiny fakakte - a bit of silvering of the name on the right side of the cowl. Then again it might be just reflection. Anyway, if it is, there's a simple simple solution that works even at the "completed" stage: slice the decal with a #11 tip and slather in decal solvent. Works every time for me, and I almost never spot silvering till this stage.

  5. Tom's eyesight must be extraordinary, Bob (or mine isn't)...I don't see the "silvering" - but I DO agree about the "beautiful model" part. Nice job!

  6. Nice neat modeling. I agree the A's are the best lookin' ponies. The A-36 maybe best of all.

  7. A wonderful looking A-36, the early Mustangs were the best looking versions.
    Well done. I got the Italeri repop new, a good inspiration to start it.

  8. Great A-36 Bob.

  9. Great build Bob up to your usual high standards.
    well done mate.

  10. Very, very neat looking model, Bob.

  11. Bob,
    You did an excellent job on this. I have a couple of these in my stash and you may have inspired me to dig one out. Of course I have a few things ahead of it though. Beautifully done.

  12. Great build! Quick question, i'm attempting to recreate this as a skin texture for an online aircraft simulation video game, War Thunder. I have the markings, insignia and body coloring down, just missing the side inscription. I'm assuming its the pilot and crew chief names, just cant distinguish it. By chance could anyone tell me what it states or point me to the direction of a larger reference pic? i'd appreciate it and will also give you a shout out on my site.

    Thanks in advance!

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