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Color quandry

July 15, 2014 · in Aviation · · 5 · 1.9K

Hi folks, I have attached a heavily cropped (trying to respect copywrite while still asking a question about it) picture of an HU-16C that is/was stored at Davis Monthan. It appears is several color profiles the most famous being in Squadron Signals In Action. It is a SAR bird that was attached to NAS Brunswick Maine in the 1960s My question is, what do you folks think about the orange? Dayglow or "Trainer" Orange like seen on T-2s and TA-4Js? There are several pictures on the net of her as seen here, but the effects of sun and weather are apparent. Later Dayglow coatings did not yellow and fade as much as earlier formulations making the task even more tricky. I am leaning towards later day glow, vice the international red-orange used on trainers, as I still seek a scheme for my HU-16 that is almost ready for paint!

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  1. Rob: Suggest going with your "informed instinct" and get this masterpiece in the showcase...AFTER you show it to us.

  2. The "other" Mr. Bailey (Bill) lives in the upper northwest of the US and is very familiar with amphibious aircraft of all/every type(s). If he doesn't see this and respond in kind, shoot him a private message - he'll know the answer. After all, his e-mail 'handle' is "MrWidgeon".

  3. Thanks Craig I shall do that. In the Ginter book there is a color picture that makes it look distinctly international orange, but on the same page are two pictures that are known day glow that look just about the same. I have narrowed my choices to this one, one from Alameda or Annapolis. The Annapolis is running a close second to the Brunswick one.

  4. If you're taking a show of hands, I'd go for international orange every time. I-orange fades to this color, while day-glo seems to "pink out". IMHO

  5. Yes it very well could be and Day glow did fade to pink even yellow, later formulations kept their color much better though. It just seems a little too bright for the orange that is seen on trainers and drone controller schemes. Also there is a b&w pic of a Pensacola bird in this scheme that shows the orange a very light color, like day glow seems to photograph in b&w. On the other hand there is a picture of a Midway based bird, that is very much orange looking. Ahhhh photo interpretation the bane of model builders!

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