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Highway Pioneers Club Contest

July 15, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 13 · 1.8K

Didn't see a group this fit into so I'm putting it here.

One of our local Model Car Clubs recently had a meeting at my house w2hich included a contest that I sponsored.

The requirements included building a Gowland & Gowland car kit in one of it's different releases but it had to include the driver. These kits are roughly 1/32nd scale & were originally released circa 1951/1954. Multi-piece bodies that didn't fit so well. figures were more caricatures than anything else.

We had nine entries & here is the winner:

It is an Olds delivery van made to represent a funeral flower car with markings for the funeral home where the builder works part time.

Hope you enjoy something a little different.

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  1. Fun contest Al…the cars look great. Some look familiar, I wonder if I had one once.

  2. that guy in the green car looks like a character out of Wallace and Grommit!

  3. I think I remember these kits in one of their re-boxings during the 60s or 70s. Did Revell originally release them or buy the molds at some point? At any rate very cool!

    • Gowland & Gowland originally molded these & I think sailing ships & possibly historical carriages with figures & horses. The story I got was they could not handle the volume & Revell took over.
      They were rereleased by Dapol & Minicraft that I know of.

  4. quite a cool theme

  5. It's what the hobby is all about, having fun!

  6. Cool cars, pure fun to look at : - )

  7. Really neat, Al. Those go back a long way. My wife has started one (don't know which) and it's a step back in the quality we're used to. It had to be a fun project for the group. Thanks for posting.

  8. Thanks for looking at our little contest. The participants all enjoyed the change of pace.

  9. Al,
    These were and are great little kits. Simple and fun to build. Yours are marvelous. They are little collectors items now including the empty boxes if you still have them

  10. I found a plastic bag with a Gowland & Gowland kit but without any description. Happily I found your articles on these kits. Love them. Now I have an idea how to put this Ford like hotrod together.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • You will have fun Paul. Here’s what’s in your box looks like.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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