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Ford Thunderbird (no, is that a Mustang lol) Tribute

Here's my Tribute based on a specialty car built. It's based off Revell's prepainted 2014 GT. With a fun build in mind I decided not to do anything that would cause me to cut up the original plastic, only add things to it. What grabbed my attention was the skid plate custom painted with the Thunderbird. I had to do it. There were a few changes to the car based on what I could do. For instance I used the 5.0 emblems that were molded to the body rather than try to get the #1 on them like in the tribute car. No air scoops in the sides but I was able to add the front splitter. The interior needed some help, in my honest opinion 😉 The original car had the Thunderbird on the headrests but little else. I added the striping down the center, custom steering wheel, classic white faced gages, and insignia blue seat and dash trim. I didn’t have any pictures of the engine bay so I took some liberties here. Any custom painter would pull that stripe under the hood right! And finally the pilot name has to be outside the cockpit. This one took me a week to do. It's painted with MCW primer under Insignia Red White & Blue, and Vallejo Model Air and Metal colors.

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8 responses

  1. Pretty slick duo, love it.

  2. Great combo, Chris.
    All the best!

  3. That's a pretty pony Chris and the F-16 looks good too .Nicely done.

  4. Nice! both look great!

  5. Interesting Chris, welcome to iModeler.

  6. Ford auctions one of these Mustangs every year at EAA for a while now. (Except 2017 when it was a Raptor). This one they had inclined on a rotating stand and I can say the underside of the car does look like that! Of all the ones that were done, this one, the Apollo and Blue Angels tribute cars were the best. (No picture will ever do the Blue Angel Mustangs paint justice. It looked like blue chrome!)
    Great job on a one of a kind car Chris!

    • Will have to look for that Blue Angels car, sounds sweet! I wasn’t a fan of the Red Tail, it was just too plain for me but I thought Old Crow was seet. I have a 1/24 Spitfire so my next combo here is going to be the British RAF Mustang and Spit duo. Cool to find someone else who knows these!

  7. Thanks for the kind welcome everyone! This pandemic has given me lots of bench time. Posting this up was pretty easy so I’ll try and put up another interesting one of two in the near future.

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