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Made It! Gladiator finished on last day. Well almost….

August 4, 2014 · in Aviation · · 17 · 1.6K

No longer a work in progress, The Silver Wing's Gloster Sea is ready to take to Virginia and the Nationals. Everything is done, all the little details, EXCEPT for the antennas. These will be left off to finish down there, as they rarely survive the trips anyway. Some of the build is documented in the Work In Progress, Aircraft Group. Last steps included beefing up the tailwheel to support the model's weight. Resin kits are HEAVY. The main gear splays out a bit when put down on them. Yikes. All in all though I would for sure buy another kit, especially the newly released P-6E hawk. Overall the fit and detail is really nice, the only really dicey part being the wings assembly with their hard to fit struts. Anyway Here she is, sitting on the flight deck of HMS Eagle, where it and 3 other Glads were the ONLY Fighters over the Med in 1940. Tomorrow is pack-up day, lots to do. Will take many pics for youse to put up on my return. On to 'Ol Virginny!

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  1. Everything blends together Bill. To my eye it has that understated look that makes it seem real.
    Vey nice & have fun at the Nationals.

  2. Beautiful job Bill, have a great time at the National.

  3. Looks great, Bill! Best of luck and enjoy the Nationals.

  4. Excellent work, should garner no less than an "honorable mention" at the very least. Realistically, you should place "in the money" with that example. Good luck at the Nats and have a great time (and take lots of pics for those of us unable to attend).

  5. Definitely looks like a "contendah" (and not a "coulda been"). Best wishes for good luck down there.

    I'm surprised they didn't cast wire in those gear legs. Having done one of these a few years ago when the kit first came out,, I can tall you it now "splays" a bit more than it should after sitting on the shelf all the time. Let me suggest when you come home that you glue some piano wire to the inside of the leg, putty over it and smooth that out and then repaint it. 99.999% of those who look will never notice, and you won't have that problem. Either that or store it off the gear. You may want to look at the same idea with the P-6E I suspect.

  6. Looks like a winner to me Bill, all the best for the big day.

  7. Looks great, Bill. Good luck with your entry.

  8. Well done Bill, looks brilliant.
    All the best for the Nats.

  9. Bill, That is one Great looking Gloster Sea Gladiator- Have fun at Nationals and Good Luck too.

  10. She's a beauty, Bill. Good luck at Nats!

  11. Bill,
    You have already won in the eyes of everyone commenting on your excellent work. This is bealutiful.

  12. The best of luck to you at the Nationals, Bill.

  13. that looks great sir

  14. I love it. Just awesome. Rigging scares me, it's time I got over regattas did one. 🙂

  15. Superb job, Bill. Always a pleasure to see a well-executed model of one of those wonderful old Gladiators.

  16. Lovely model, Bill, unfortunately I've already seen the results, better luck next time!

  17. That's beautiful, Bill! Outstanding! I am going to have onto mine, 1:48 scale Roden kit. Damn that's hot!

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