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Silver Wings resin model kits

Curtiss P6E Hawk

This is the Silverwings 1/32 resin kit. - This is a very nice kit overall. Since it is resin and limited production, it takes some effort. PE and decals are included. To me, this plane is one of the most [...]

Focke Wulf 44B Stieglitz

This is the Silver Wings Fw44 Stieglitz, a 1930s German training aircraft. This was my first Silver Wings kit, it proved to be a good one because it was fairly straightforward and encouraged me to explore other similar models.

Gloster Gauntlet (Silver Wings kit plus AIMS bits)

Since my introductory article was my 56 Squadron Gloster Gladiator that I built a couple of years ago, I thought it a good idea to follow up with the Gloster Gauntlet which is currently on my workbench. This is the Silver Wings kit in [...]

Finnish Fokker D XXI series 3

This is the Silverwings Fokker D XXI that has been modified from the original ”Dutch” layout. The Finnish manufacturer Valtion license built eighty-nine airframes following the delivery of seven template aircraft from Holland. These [...]

Hawker Audax. No 4 Glider Training School 1942

My Father completed primary training in Georgia, USA. Before being posted 61 OTU Rednal and thence to 243 Squadron Spitfires he spent quite a few months of 1942 towing Hotspur gliders at the No 4 Glider Training School, Kidlington (Now [...]

COVID No.3 Silver Wings Fiat Cr-42

I had desired doing this kit for some time and had treated myself to obtaining it for my birthday - September of last year. Started building in November and finished in March. This is a very, very nice kit, but it resin with PE and decals [...]

1/32 Scale Silver Wings Gloster Gladiator Mk 2, SAAF, 1940

This is a kit that I have wanted to build for a long time, I want to try and build as many 1/32 SAAF Aircraft as I can, so this Gladiator was one kit that I had to have, I was busy building the Vampire T Mk 55 when this kit arrived, and [...]

1/32 Scale SAAF Hawker Hartebees

Its been a while since I last posted one of my builds on the site, work and everyday life has been preventing me getting much build time, however, I managed to complete the Silver Wings Hawker Demon, and converted it into a 40 Squadron [...]

Sorry to report, the Gladiator was shot down….

Some of you might remember I was building a 1/32 Sea Gladiator for the Nats, thanks to all who wished me well but 'twas not to be. The competition was pretty intense, including several Wingnut Wings thingies. (That's my excuse, and I'm [...]

Made It! Gladiator finished on last day. Well almost….

No longer a work in progress, The Silver Wing's 1/32 Gloster Sea Gladiator is ready to take to Virginia and the Nationals. Everything is done, all the little details, EXCEPT for the antennas. These will be left off to finish down there, as [...]