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Monograms 1/48th Ling Temco F-8E Crusader, USN, Vietnam

August 1, 2014 · in Aviation · · 25 · 1.4K

So to add another to the mix. This one is using the Kendall wing fold set and cockpit upgrade set. The only thing I didn't do was adjust the incorrect stance of the main gear. I configured this for a ground attack mission. My intention was to hang some M-117 bombs and mount Zuni's on the launcher rails. But at the time when I was building this kit, which was in the late 90's I couldn't find any so I kept it clean. Love this kit, I do have the Hase kit in the stash, though at the moment this has suffered some damage on the last move, I have everything in a box, so I will rebuild it someday. Probably when I get around building the Hase kit I will get it repaired so they can share some deck space. Decals are Aeromaster 48-450, VF-53, flying off the USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31 . . Aeromaster Lt Gull Grey over glossy white. One of my early pre internet build, so not to many images taken or any WIP images as this was not practiced much at the time. Thanks for viewing,

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  1. Nicely done...I'd post the same kit I did a while back, but it's "not worthy". Besides, I'd have to clean all the dust from it - lol

  2. Nice work, Chuck! Did you scratch build the under the wing, or was that AM too?

  3. Yes the insert for the fuselage is resin and is part of the Kendall set. Whats nice when you have the wing configured like this, it is removable. So the wing assy is just sitting on the airframe and it is not cemented on in place.

  4. Nice work Chuck...This is what I like about this site. You never know what is going to trigger an interest in some past building experience. The opportunity to resurrect old builds from the past to share, often illustrates the excellent work required to produce a model that is competitive with kits produced today.

  5. Great looking F8 Chuck, good job on the wing fold.

  6. Chuck,
    Well done on another Monogram F-8. You just can't have too many Crusaders. We may top the P-40s! Thanks for adding to our little F-8 fan group!

    • Thanks Robert, were in a generation that appreciated the history of flight irregardless of nationality. Though the deeds of combat aircraft is an ugly one and a necessary evil to defend our nations, its the wonder and beauty I see in their design. It is not all about the Mustangs, Spits, Fws, F-16's and Tornado's. But the contribution of the P-40's,Hurricanes, Veltros, Skyhawks, Crusaders and the pilots who flew them.

  7. Chuck you made a real nice model of a fascinating plane, and I appreciate your thought is the reply to Robert above. If I may show my ignorance in an effort to learn, what does 'Ling Temco' mean?

    • I left out the most important name of the company that built the Crusader Ling-Temco Vought,LTV for short (formerly Chance Vought, Vought Sikorsky). Now called Vought Aircraft Industries and is a vendor for Aerospace components based in Dallas, Tx.

  8. That's a great Crusader Chuck! I have that Monogram kit in my stash and would love for it to look like that. Is the Hasegawa kit a lot nicer?

    • Thanks Gary, I have the Hase kit of the F-8, it is a good kit, of course more detail up to date moulding, but the Monogram F-8 does stand up well against it. Only advantage stance of the rear main gear is more accurate and engraved panel lines. More detail bits otherwise it is quite bit more expensive as well.

  9. Fantastic, Chuck, good to see another variation on this kit.

  10. Chuck,
    Beautiful. I am partial to BHR as I served on it. But my time was prior to F-8's. Nevertheless I love your scheme. Gray build.

  11. That's a lovely looking Gunfighter. I've a couple in the loft. Must get one started. I built the Monogram kit many years ago and fancy another go at one.

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