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Somewhere in the Pacific..........

September 29, 2014 · in Uncategorized · · 41 · 1.5K

There is this isolated cove where the smaller boats and landing craft traded supplies and what ever contraband they could get there hand on. Mostly fruit, beer , and movies. Commander McHale and his crew have been known to be regulars. Highly guarded and with the latest high powered radios many thought the Pacific war was controlled from this tiny coral island. Corn Cobb pipes have been found strewed around. But that probably is just a coincidence.

My is made from coffee sticks, and basswood. The roof is (paper) corrugated aluminium roofing. A single LED was wired underground to the lamp on the dock. And the (are you ready for this) lighting for the command post is illuminated with battery powered pumpkin LED candles, so they flicker like a lantern, A really cool effect.
Now the ship... That"s for a later post.
I hope I can take you here for just a moment. If not, have a beer and come on back later. Haa! Haa!
California Steve

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  1. Great idea Steve! A great little scene. The outpost looks great and all scratch built! See a hint of the boat, but looking forward to more posts. I am really enjoying the dioramas and models that you are posting. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you very much Alan. I do enjoy scratch building these dios.
      I think everything except for the figures and the backpacks inside the shack was from scratch. Hey, modeling on the cheap can be fun!
      Thank you for your nice comments.
      California Steve

  2. I'm with Alan,'ve got a brilliant imagination (and talent) when it comes to these dioramas w/lights. The photographic effects are super! Yep...some nice pics there - as always. Lookin' forward to more when the "mood" strikes. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thank's Craig, I think my enjoyment comes from you fellow modelers and the very nice comments. I am very happy you got bit of fun.
    There is more! Muuu! Haaaa! Haaa!. OK I'll behave.
    California Steve

  4. Awesome Steve! The famous General corn cob meeting the Beach Boys and Tom Cruise for a cocktail. πŸ˜‰ Just have to love this one Steve.

  5. what no PT boat

    • Bob! all those PT guys have is old movies and canned spam.
      We let them sit and wait in the lagoon until we unload all the really good stuff! That's when they break out the real mola! Snicker, Snicker!
      California Steve

  6. Your imagination seemingly has no bounds, neither do your modelling skills. Great stuff, Steve!

  7. When I saw this post, I knew it was yours Steve. Great idea and even better execution - well done!

  8. Great dio Steve, I like the use of the pumpkin light, most effective.
    Looking forward to more of your creations.

  9. You certainly know how to get the most in visual impact out of your dioramas Steve.
    There is a method , scene in a box or light box?, that has been used where the dio is put in a box & you look at it through a single opening. Have you ever made one of these?

    • I would need a really big box Al.
      Actually I made a shoebox/lightbox project in about the fifth grade. A dinosaur coming out of the bushes. It was cool. Real rocks and everything. I think I got a B.
      California Steve

  10. Steve, your dioramas LIVE ! Must be nice, sitting in this chair and having a beer πŸ™‚
    Great work, well done !

  11. Another beauty from Pizmo Beach!

  12. Real nice Steve, how long did it take you to do that? Did you use all LED lamps?

    • Thanks Paul. The lamp on the dock is a single LED powered by one of those flat nickle sized battery's. The light inside is one of those flickering battery powered units you drop into a pumpkin. It is mounted in the roof and switched on through a opening in the side of the roof. This project took a couple of months to complete.
      California Steve

  13. great job steve, im sure pappy and the rest of the blacksheep traded there too lol

    • Steven, I have cut those off until they pay their tab! Last time they were here they busted the place up pretty good. And I am still missing a couple of portable generators and we still can't find the front screen door!... Flyboys!
      I should write this stuff down. Haa Haa!
      California Steve

  14. cool one Steve. I like the night shots in particular. You sure come up with some very creative scenarios, and paint a great picture in the process!

  15. Very impressive as always, Steve. BTW where is Willy's still...

  16. We had to move it to the other side of the island. Everyone wanted free samples. I got a business to run here.
    Thanks Rick.
    California Steve

  17. Another great Dio Steve, you must drink a lot of coffee πŸ™‚

  18. Thanks Gregor, It was a fun project.
    California Steve

  19. CA Steve,
    I like your imagination and I love your photography. Excellent. I await the arrival of the boat

  20. The boat? Well that is a different story altogether. I started the boat as a visual prop. But I guess I got a bit carried away. I have some basic construction photos but I have yet to set it up for a photo shoot.
    All in good time my Deary, All in good time! Hey, wasn't that from the Wizard of Oz? Haa Haa!
    Thank you Frank for the nice comments.
    California Steve

  21. Another winner, Steve. Well done. All that's missing is the heat!

    • Thank you Joe, Oh it is a hot one. so what will it be? A beer, a beer, or some hooch? Name your poison we got it all! There I go again. You'd think I own the joint. I should have called it Ricks Place in the Pacific. Too much fun!
      California Steve

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