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Tamiya A-1 Skyraider

September 1, 2014 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2K

This is the wonderful Tami USAF Sky raider metallic edition out of the box so far this is the work on it. As you can see the white tami colour stick very well so far i haven't tried with testors colours yet and some photo of the box ! it might been imported straight from jap! bien 1 hand of semi gloss black from ! the painted surface looks good to me and dust free! an the black stick very well on plated surface ! now the top surface will be another story cos' i will using the testors colour!

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  1. wow - I didn't know they had a metallic edition of that kit!

  2. the wings fit is not so good but by my mistake ! a bit of putty and will cover it up!

  3. yes ! it's ok ! but i will need a coat of!? grey before i guess

  4. i bought this kit here in mexico !was the only game in this town!

  5. I've never seen one of those. Seems a shame to paint over it, though.

  6. Painting over that plating is next to impossible, unfortunately there is nothing on the surface for the paint to "grab."

  7. Hello Cesare...Like Craig said, that plated version of the Skyraider kit is news to me too. The only use I can see for it might be as a plane coming down the assembly line. Otherwise, all that plating will have to be painted over and as Tom said, paint doesn't stick well to that type surface. I look forward to seeing how that build turns out and hope you'll post more photos as the build progresses. An interesting project for sure.

  8. thanks guys !well it looks tamiya paint and the american thinner! as they call it here ! in mexico which works well with enamel and acrylics ! works! as i tried to paint the white wells wheels! so far! i will post some photo of it! cheeersss guys !

  9. Good lujck with this one, Cesare!

  10. thanks george!

  11. Now that I see the other pics you posted (I first thought it was a 'gold' color), that changes my way of thinking. if it were ME, I'd try to replicate a Skyraider on the factory floor in 'bare metal' BEFORE any paint was applied. I've never seen ANY Skyraider that wasn't painted in SOME sort of color (GSB, SEA Camo, Gull Gray/White, etc.). I don't think ANYTHING was left unpainted NMF on any of the AD versions. My two cents. 🙂

  12. so graig you say just live it as it is! no decals ! nothing

  13. bueno a call for all the spad expert the under surface how looked during the service? bear in mind this is the second choice of the box! do i need to get dirty or scratched? thanks for the help

  14. I can't figure how to attach .jpg's here but if you go to: there are silver Chadian(?) Spads!

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