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1/48 Fujimi Messerschmitt Bf110D

October 10, 2014 · in Aviation · · 26 · 1.8K

I loved building this old kit. Done in Iraqi markings, and decided to go with the RLM 02/71/65 colours, which I think may have been right for a used airplane, given over in early 1941.
My interpretation anyway. πŸ™‚ The oversprayed colour is a field applied grey.
Hope you like, thanks for looking.

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  1. An unusual set of markings. Didn't know they operated In that region. Looks good, Paul.

  2. A very good rendition of markings you don't often see. Awesome Paul.

  3. Nice ZerstΓΆrer Paul, The Fujimi Kit is still a good choice, beside some faults it builds very well, compared with the Eduard 110.
    Sonderkommando Junck used the Bf 110, He 111, Ju 90 to support an Iraqi uprise against the Brits in 1941.
    Great choice of markings as well.

  4. Great work there Paul. As Morne said some rare markings.
    Well done sir.

  5. Always nice to something a bit different, Paul, especially when it's as good as this.

  6. Good work Paul. I'm showing my ignorance here but what are those tanks/bombs? under the wings?

  7. Sharpe looking model in unusual markings. Well done Paul.

  8. Nice! As others have said, interesting set of markings.

  9. very nice finish, and i thinks its cool to see a -110 in a non-typical national markings - great work!

  10. My favorite "markings of convenience". An Iraqi politician Rashid Ali, conspired with the Germans to take Iraq out of the war from the British.
    One of his lieutenants was Sadam Husseins uncle, and their party was the pre-Ba'ath. The Iraqi army and air force, with German help, laid seige to Habbaiya, which was a air training base. The Brits fought back with Hinds, Oxfords, Gladiators, and whatever else they could fly in.

    Shades of the seige of the Residency at Lucknow, during the Indian Mutiny.
    All sorts of interesting choices for what was used, horse cav, bren carriers, Arab Legion, armored cars made in Jerusalem...

    There is an Osprey on the campaign, I recommend it as an example of an interesting small campaign, sort of presaging what came later. Be a good wargame choice, too.

  11. Paul, Great model. I do have a question. Is that a bomb or a fuel tank under the wing? It's huge. Stoopider minds needs to know.
    I really like the markings.
    California Steve

  12. Paul,
    Very nicely done. I really like the scheme

  13. Good work Paul. Your model looks great. I like the color scheme very much. I have the same model in my stash for years now and still havent decided what color or scheme I should go for.Thanks for sharing pics.

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