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Porsche 956 Short Tail

October 3, 2014 · in Automotive · · 15 · 2.3K

I'm don't remember much about the history of this car. Probably campaigned '81-'83 time frame. It was powered by a Porsche flat six. The driver decal lists Bellof, Bell & Holbert but I don't remember them being teamed together.

The kit is by in 1/24th scale. Pretty basic with no engine. The challenge on this kit is that all the blue is a decal. The side decals were one piece with all the lettering & stripes as part of the decal. The number circles were in white so that the builder had a choice of which team car to build. This is one of the builds that I used the white plastic of the kit coated with Future as my base coat. This was built at least 10 years ago but the Future does not appear to be yellowing.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Ten years? Holding up well - clean and mean.

  2. A true thing of beauty. I can almost hear the roar of that flat six! Awesome build Al. Very nice finish!

  3. Looks sharp Al , even after 10 years.

  4. Looks great Al.

  5. Nice job on what was undoubtedly a decal nightmare...came out well.

  6. Well done Al, excellent work on those decals. I suspect if it had been me that car would have ended up in pieces right after I screwed up the

  7. Nice!

    The short tail Porsches have a much more aggressive and balanced look than their long tailed sisters...

    Bet you save a bunch of money on paint! 🙂

  8. Al,
    I am in awe. I would never attempt one of these.

  9. I love these things, Al, and you did a great job duplicating it ! More, please !

  10. Great build, Al. Your line of well done cars are impressive and this one does not show its age. Perfect decaling !

  11. Lovely motor! Is that a common long term trait of future polish? And if so would that still occur if used in weathering stages then varnished with matt over the top? Cheers

    • I can't say for sure on the yellowing issue. This kit has lived in my basement where it gets no direct sunlight. I have three bottles. The fresh one is used when it will be the final finish. The oldest, which is what this kit would have, is yellowed in the bottle. Some users maintain that it is actually the plastic in the bottles that yellows. The two older batches are used for sealing paint or decals which will be over coated with paint or a flat for the final coat.

      Hope this answers your question.

      • Cheers Al, I'll have a look at some online forums too, see what others say. Or I might just play it safe with the Vallejo gloss! Compliments on the build once again.

  12. Great work on this, Al, especially with those decals, and a nicely detailed interior as well. The finish seems to work fine, too. Protar have made some interesting kits over the years, although some of them are not exactly easy to build. I remember looking at their motorcycle kits a long time ago, and they looked as though they were made from black spaghetti!

  13. You did it again, Al. Another great build of a modern classic. Thanks for sharing!

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