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Alfa Romeo 179C

I love Italian cars and motorcycles, and Alfa Romeo somehow seem to be the most Italian of the manufacturers. This is the Italeri 1/12 kit for the Alfa Romeo 179/179C Formula One car, entered for the 1979 to 1982 seasons. The kit was [...]

Protar Greeves 360 Challenger, scale 1/9 – Finished

"Tubes", "cables", etc, all done. Consider the Greeves finished. Cheers! Dolf

1/9 Montesa Cota 247

Now finished: WIP here: (link) Cheers! Dolf

1924 Fiat ‘Mefistofele’

This is Italeri's 1/12 version of the original 1975 Protar kit. In 1908, Fiat introduced a chain-driven Grand Prix racing car which they dubbed the SB4. It was used in competition and that is where Sir Ernest Eldridge from Britain saw it [...]

Porsche 956 Short Tail

I'm don't remember much about the history of this car. Probably campaigned '81-'83 time frame. It was powered by a Porsche flat six. The driver decal lists Bellof, Bell & Holbert but I don't remember them being teamed together. The [...]