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1/72 R.A.F. rescue launch Airfix– BoB group build

November 1, 2014 · in Ships · · 37 · 3.1K

This is my contribution to the B o B group build ,it was an enjoyable build and has inspired me to have a go at another boat at some point, probably the Vosper if I see one at Telford,anyhow the kit went together well and the detail was very good for such an ancient kit ,I remember this on the shelf when I was kid 40 odd years ago, it was a real learning experience for me ,I don't like using trendy "buzz words" so I'm not going to say learning curve -hang on I just said it ,Bollocks, there is lots to think about when painting boats as they are much more complicated shapes when compared to aircraft so the kit had to be built up and painted in little sub sections and assembled already painted .

If I'm honest the kit is not entirely faithful to the instructions ,I wanted to build 130 because of the interesting yellow deck but the large A/A gun in the stern (that's the blunt end) and the canvas bags packed around the cabin are really for the later all over grey vessel however I wanted to pack in as much detail and interest into the kit as possible so I used a bit of licence.

I had go at the rigging as well and it turned out OK I think but the complicated radio array was beyond me so it was abandoned.Hope you like it guys .

P.S. I should mention that the nasty kit supplied stands are temporary !
A big thank you to my mate Seamus for taking on the job of managing the second iModeller group build and also to everyone who took up the challenge.

Cheers guys, Neil.

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  1. Wow! A really eye-catching model of an unusual subject.

  2. That was quick Rob , I only just finished re reading it !,Thanks for looking, I forgot to mention I deliberatley kept the boat clean but the flash on my camera has washed it out a bit as well.
    It will be on the 580 stand at Telford on the Sunday if you want to pop over for a look.

  3. Neil , you have done a fine job there mate.
    You are right about the learning curve mate it is B***, but FUN though.
    I see you chose the kit stands.
    Well done Neil on a nice build.

    • Thanks for looking pal, those horrible kit stands are only temporary ,I hope to have something nicer by Telford , I was going to drill some holes in the fuselage-Sorry hull and mount it on glass rods but I couldn't bring myself to spoil the lines so will have to think of something else.

  4. Very neat Neil. I built this as a child in Primary School. A real trip back in time. Well done!

  5. Very neat build, Neil, dare I say "ship shape"? That looks like a pretty hefty wooden base it's standing on, so it should be quite stable, always a good thing for displaying it at an exhibition. Sorry I won't be making it to Telford to see it.

  6. Nice work Neil. That's one of those kits I've seen on the shop shelves for 45 years, yet never built. I think I'll get one.

  7. Love it. I built one at a kid, and wish I could get one now, in /48. Nice work.

  8. Nice and clean, great work on an old kit.

  9. Definitely a looker Neil. Thought it was a lot larger till the shot of you holding it. What did you use for the rigging & are those kit decals?

  10. Really outstanding Neil, you've certainly made the most of that kit. The yellow deck is a real eye catcher. The crew figures painted up nicely and give a good scale reference for the size of the boat, are they from the kit? How much work were the clear turrets to build up?

    • Cheers Rick ,the crew figures come with the kit ,building the turrets up was easy ,only two parts in each one the tricky bit was always going to be painting the framework, if you look at the shot with my paw in you will see the whole turret is about the size of my thumb nail ,how then did I mask up the clear parts ? seemples, (You have to be a Brit to get that reference), I meant simple I didn't ,I took an unused decal sheet from the spares box and cut out sections of the black line used to separate different marking options and applied them as decals Easy peasy.


  11. Nice work, Neil...and thanks for the reference photo (your hand. Some kits aren't familiar to all of us... many folks need a hint as to the actual size.

  12. Very nice mate! Some great detail going on. I might try a boat one day just to cover all bases!

  13. Great build Neil and nice choice of subject, Looks fab.

  14. Your "Whaleback" looks spot on, Neil ! It's a great, little kit, and you've served it well. If you enjoyed it as much as I think you have, you'll want to explore variants using the same hull/deck, and eventually the Airfix, and Revell Vospers, and their variants. Welcome aboard !

    • YaHaarrr Jim lad ,shiver me timbers and splice me mainbrace etc etc ,like I said I will be on the lookout for a Vosper at Telford,thanks for looking Joe.

  15. Great modeling there Neil. Really looks the part. And very nice painting on the crew. Very Cool.
    California Steve

  16. Colorful little boat, isn't it? Beautiful job, Neil! Now you can have a shot at a PT boat.

    Was that you making boat noises in the tub? 🙂

  17. Thanks for looking Jaime,yes it is colourful, lovely lines as well.
    I don't usually make boat noises in the bath just bubbles -Parp !
    Cheers N.

  18. Pretty nice little yacht, Neil. The enclosed turrets look like they were taken from Avro Ansons. Twin screws, full speed ahead...

  19. Thanks for looking Bryan, yes they do look like the turrets from Ansons,there are actually three screws , these puppies were enormously powerfull and fast.

  20. Saw this at the show Neil, still really impressive 🙂

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