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Airspeed AS5 Courier and Airspeed AS45 Cambridge


I would like to share with you two new models made by my father during the last week.

Here are some photos. The Airspeed AS45 Cambridge was made from balsa wood but the Airspeed AS5 Courier was made from a resin kit.

Airspeed AS 5 Courier

Airspeed AS 45 Cambridge

These are not a common models.


11 responses

  1. Always a treat to see your dad's work. Very nice.

  2. Nice work, Santiago. VERY well-done. Are these kits in 1/72 scale?
    I applaud your dad's expertise at doing-up resin kits, something for which I have zero skills. Let us see more of your dad's work.
    Thank you.

  3. Santiago, your father is truly an outstanding craftsman.

  4. Indeed. Classic skills and quality workmanship.

  5. Superb builds, bravo ! And a lot more great stuff in the display case.

  6. A scratch built plane, the modelers art! Great work.

  7. excellent craftsmanship - these are superb!

  8. Santiago:
    Marvelous to see both, particularly the carved wooden one.
    I was wondering how many you have, so far, and if you're running out of room. You were doing multiples of some, as I recall. Like the Horsa.

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