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B.a.t.B Part 2. The Beast.

Well here it is , the beast, well that is what I am calling it…
A Gloster Gladiator MK 2 , No, 605 ( County of Warwick ) Squadron, based at R.A.F. Tangmere 1939.
This is the Airfix 1/72 released in new tooling.
Also it was my first attempt at rigging , so it was a bit of fun to say the least.
Mistakes were made, too numerous to count , but the eagle eyed and knowledgeable will noticed those.
The kit itself is not bad and I would recommend it to anybody.
Just dry fit the inner structs to the upper wing first before fixing to the upper fuselage.
Also the engine and cowling have very close tolerances so be warned.

Thanks to all who followed and gave me cheer during this build.

Any how here follows 6 shots of s**t.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to B.a.t.B Part 2. The Beast.

  1. A lot of detail in a tiny kit. Well done, Simon.

  2. Turned out well Simon. Glad to see you fought it till you won.

  3. If that’s 6 shots of stout, I’ll be right there mate.. ;-). Well if I can come up with the

  4. For a first attempt at rigging (something I decidedly avoid), it looks great!

  5. Tell you what, that’s not a bad rigging job at all, especially for 1/72. Nice and even, the aieleron (I CANNOT spell that word) wires are perfectly parallel, drove me nuts on mine. Nice Glad.

  6. Hi Simon. I think you are being hard on yourself. Being the builder, I know that you know where the mistakes were made, but looks good in the end. First try at rigging in 1/72 is a hard choice I think. I just bought a 1/48 Albatross V so that I can give it a try one day.

  7. Well worth the wait, Simon, it looks great, and your photographs show it off really well. You and your good lady must be very pleased.

  8. now that’s special my friend

  9. Good morning Simon, it is good to see your Gladiator finished, so you won.
    It looks nice and i like it a lot, well done

  10. Well done Simon, great job.

  11. Looks fine to me mate! It’s better than I could do, I would have those things tangled up in knots I reckon!
    I’m not too familiar with older aircraft and it’s the first time I’ve seen ww2 camouflage on a bi-plane. It looks really cool though! I like it!

  12. I like it a lot!! One of the highest Allied aces, Pattle (South African) flew the type in the Mediteranean theater. Pattle did not survive the war. Majority of his killls wete scored against the Italian Regia Aeronautica.

  13. Thanks all for the above comments.
    It was a bit of a steep curve with the rigging but it showed me where I can improve for the Tiger Moths, i.e. smaller holes 0.3/4 mm , this I hope will mean less filling I hope.
    It also has started my collection of planes that served and were based at our local air bases nearby during the 2 WW, Tangmere and Thorney Island. Still a lot to go on that account.
    And yes I suppose I was hard on myself because I know I can do better.

  14. In a word…Superb.

  15. Looks good to me mate, I’ve got to admit that when I look at kits to buy I do weigh up how difficult it will be and if it looks like a tough job I slip it back on the shelf,this one would have gone back ….two lots of wings ,all that rigging oh no ! I’m impressed good on ya.

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