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52 year old , reurning back to a hobby started over 40 years ago. Building mainly aircraft with a few motor cars as well. I have been amazed at the after sales market for extra`s.
Things have come a long way since I started. Still, all the better, scrach building was an art form in its self.

Airfix Fairey Gannet AS4 1/48.

Hi folks, long time no posts and I apologise about that, life has changed for me. My marriage broke down and I am now living with my dear old mum down in Devon. I now have a man cave to build in and astash to play with. Anyhow, I saw this [...]

Joe Caputo.

I have some very sad news. Joe passed away after a short illness, sadly Covid finished him off. Joe was one of the nicest guys I came across in the modelling world, always full of praise/constructive criticism. He was the President of the [...]

Sandy, where have you been?

OK folks, it looks like it`s has been a long while since I posted anything here so I apologize if things are a bit haphazard for now. So, like most of us, we cannot keep to building one kit at a time, I now have several going on, but this [...]

Sorry for my absence.

Hi good folks, I am back from the darkness of not being able to get on to this site. Long story but I hope to take part in this great platform. Once I have sorted out this new computer that is. The old one would not allow me to get on some [...]

Xmas Greetings.

Well , just to wish all you out there a wonderful holiday period. My build rate this year has been non existent, due to all types of things happening. But there are 4 on the go now, so hope to post some pics over the Xmas break. Take care [...]

What was the first kit?

Well the long standing question of when the first model kit was produced can now be put to a date long before we thought. Extensive research has found this carving on the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Modelshopoli. Which shows that the date [...]

P 47 D, Late for parade (D.Day GB) Sorry.

OK folks, I am sorry for being late but life just got in the way, well that and few other things too. So , sorry Neil, but I got there. I was warned that this kit was a pita, and they were right too. Academy`s P 47 D , a poor kit, only the [...]

Festive greetings and other.

As it is this time of year I/we The Good Lady Rose, wish all a happy and peaceful time, and that the models keep coming.Thanks to Martin and the backroom boys for a great site. Also a shot of our work space, the bay window in our front [...]

F 84 E Academy 1/72 . 2 years old...

Well here it is, started 2 years ago and now finished. Not so much a hard kit, just other builds came along. Tamiya and Alcad paints were used along with Vallejo varnishes. The kit decals were s***, but I used the stencils from them. The [...]

Ferrari 458. Revell 1/24th Scale.

Well, I said I would build a wheely thing and here she is. Done in Yellow, to make a change. Any errors are mine, and I have seen them. I did a WIP , so you can look there for hidden parts. Well One kit down, 4 to go before starting [...]