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52 year old , reurning back to a hobby started over 40 years ago. Building mainly aircraft with a few motor cars as well. I have been amazed at the after sales market for extra`s.
Things have come a long way since I started. Still, all the better, scrach building was an art form in its self.

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Xmas Greetings.

Well , just to wish all you out there a wonderful holiday period. My build rate this year has been non existent, due to all types of things happening. But there are 4 on the go now, so hope to post some pics over the Xmas break. Take care all,[...]

What was the first kit?

Well the long standing question of when the first model kit was produced can now be put to a date long before we thought. Extensive research has found this carving on the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Modelshopoli. Which shows that the date is we[...]

P 47 D, Late for parade (D.Day GB) Sorry.

OK folks, I am sorry for being late but life just got in the way, well that and few other things too. So , sorry Neil, but I got there. I was warned that this kit was a pita, and they were right too. Academy`s P 47 D , a poor kit, only the Cart[...]

Festive greetings and other.

As it is this time of year I/we The Good Lady Rose, wish all a happy and peaceful time, and that the models keep coming.Thanks to Martin and the backroom boys for a great site. Also a shot of our work space, the bay window in our front room. Luc[...]

F 84 E Academy 1/72 . 2 years old…

Well here it is, started 2 years ago and now finished. Not so much a hard kit, just other builds came along. Tamiya and Alcad paints were used along with Vallejo varnishes. The kit decals were s***, but I used the stencils from them. The A/M dec[...]

Ferrari 458. Revell 1/24th Scale.

Well, I said I would build a wheely thing and here she is. Done in Yellow, to make a change. Any errors are mine, and I have seen them. I did a WIP , so you can look there for hidden parts. Well One kit down, 4 to go before starting anything new.

Skyraider, an old one, very old indeed.

Well as I started dusting off old kits, I decided to post this one. It`s the old Monogram/Revell kit. Not a lot to it, not much in the way of under wing stores. Glued and painted by me, using brushes and Tamiya paint, I know , Tamiya paint does[...]

M2 A2 Tamiya 1/35th scale circa 2002ish.

Well I thought I would post this build from about 2003. My mother retired from work and decided to take me on holiday. We went to Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands), we had spent time there before. Anyhow, I brought this kit as a present for [...]

B.a.t.B Part 2. The Beast.

Well here it is , the beast, well that is what I am calling it... A Gloster Gladiator MK 2 , No, 605 ( County of Warwick ) Squadron, based at R.A.F. Tangmere 1939. This is the Airfix 1/72 released in new tooling. Also it was my first attempt at [...]

B.a.t.B Yep, Beauty and the Beast Part 1.

Well here it is, un veiling day. The story so far. The good Lady Biggles (Rose) built the Beauty, a Spitfire MK 1 (Tamiya 1/72). Her third ever build and first solo so to speak. Well Tamiya speaks for itself, shake the box and it goes together. [...]
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