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FW-200 Condor, Revell 1/72

I finished her some time ago, but I was too lazy to show progress on In progress discussion group. It was relaxing project despite its size, only aftermarket used was Eduard masks for windows. Kit has a lot of fine details inside that can be shown if anyone chooses option not to glue two segments of the roof around the turrets. With several dry fitting and sanding passes large wings will join easily and almost no filler will be necessary.

I sanded the front upper turret for 1,5mm since originally it seems to sit too high. Better prepare nice references since instruction sheet has a lot of errors like some of the variants provided are not well described, deciding which windows to mask, no instructions for stencil placements etc.

Following colors were used Gunze RLM 02, RLM 66 for inside. Lower surfaces Gunze RLM 65, upper cammo Model Master authentic RLM 72 and RLM 73, propellers RLM 70 and Henschel bombs RLM 02. Finish is Tamiya gloss cote before decals, MIG Luftwaffe wash, and Gunze semi gloss finish.

Radar antennas are very fine and nicely molded, but they are still quite thick, so etched ones would be good option.

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23 responses to FW-200 Condor, Revell 1/72

  1. Very nicely finished and photographed, Milan. Your detail and paint work is apparent throughout. Excellent build.

  2. Great build Milan, she sure is a big bird.
    A friend built one of these in the 80`s and she looked big on the table.
    Well done sir.

  3. A very impressive build of an equally impressive aircraft.

  4. A very understated color scheme on this Milan, very attractive.
    Nice build.

  5. Excellent work, Milan. As Al said the color scheme is really well done. I’ve had an interest in the Condo ever since I saw the old, old, old Revell kit hanging from a friends ceiling back in 1971. Looking at yours, I may have to pick one up.

  6. An outstanding rendition of one of the better looking Luftwaffe heavies. Very nice weathering!!! Well done Milan. Can’t wait to see more of your models!!!

  7. Very finely finished, Milan, and a handsome plane.

  8. Nice Milan! 🙂 Impressive work to get a very nice model of a very nice airplane.

  9. Great work Milan, looks very good, this type is not often seen. The radar antennas are plastic ?

  10. Finely modelled, Milan. The finishes are eye-catching.

  11. I hereby add my voice to the well deserved ovations.

  12. Very nice – and I like the weathering. I’m not a fan of the current fad for heavy weathring – yours is spot on 🙂

  13. Thanks everyone for your kind words.

  14. A masterpiece, Milan, including your superb paint work.

  15. I am enjoying everything you did here Milan! Really great modeling.
    California Steve

  16. Milan, great job! She sure is an advance on the older Revell Condor. Both 4 engine airplanes, but the detail on the “new” one is astonishing, comparitively.
    Their Junkers 290 isn’t too bad, either.Make a nice theme collection, Scourge of the Atlantic and friends. Dornier 217, long range fighter JU-88.

  17. Thanks guys!
    @Bernard: you are right, we can add He 177 and BV-222 to the Atlantic list.

  18. a lot to like there…great detail

  19. Very Nice Milan, never built this but for an old kit by Revell it looks very good quality. Brilliant aircraft, very modern looking. Imagine how she would have performed with 4 RR Merlins! I did read somewhere however, the Condors did suffer from some airframe structural weaknesses?

  20. Thank you.
    James, this is new tool Revell from 2006 it has nothing to do with the old one. Yes, they did suffer a lot despite the strengthened fuselage construction was weak to sustain war conditions. On the other hand it had good range.

  21. Very nice looking – love the weathering and streaking on the finish. I’ll use this for reference when I tackle mine (who knows how far into the future…!)/

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