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Scale Modelworld 2014 Prelude – RAF Cosford

November 7, 2014 · in Show Reports · · 12 · 1.6K

Tune in for a forthcoming photo coverage of in Telford at iModeler during the weekend...

In the meantime, another museum visit today. Having established ourselves in a homey hotel in the area we're visiting the Royal Air Force Museum in Cosford.

Initially a RAF station which had been used to store the Royal Air Foce Museum's collection of aircraft, Cosford is now a major venue in its own right. Besides a valuable collection of World War II types, it is a home to a unique collection of British experimental and prototype aircraft, the British Airways Collection and the National Cold War Exibition.

In short, another destinantion for a full day's visit. Fortunately also allowing us to stay indoors most of the time as the rain kept pouring down throughout the day.

As Cosford and Telford are located close to each other, on a day like today one might expect meeting other modelers at the museum. Our "catch" was this fabulous group from Solvenia which includes Grega X ( @gregax )and Miha Kosi ( @mikek ). Here's our group iModeler photo!

Cold War Exibition

This is housed in the largest and most modern building on the site, which is humongous! Inside you will fins all three of the V-bombers, the enormous Short Belfast plus some other transports participating in the Berlin Airlift and a plethora of other aircraft.

Experimental Aircraft


Name this aircraft... (1)

Name this aircraft... (2)

Name this aircraft... (3)

Name this aircraft... (4)

Name this aircraft... (5)

Name this aircraft... (6)

Name this aircraft... (7)

Name this aircraft... (8)

Name this aircraft... (9)

Name this aircraft... (10)

World War II

Stay tuned for images from the Scale Modelworld show tomorrow!

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  1. Alright! I was right there last year! Great Museum and Show at Telford.
    Wish I was there.


  2. Ok, I'm game:

    1. Saunders Roe SR-53

    2. Gloster Meteor F8 Prone

    3. Bristol 188

    4. English electric P1A

    5. The back end of #3?

    6. Hawker Kestrel FGA-1

    7. Hunting H126

    8. Fairey FD-2

    9. British Aerospace EAP

    10 . ?

  3. Is #10 a Boulton Paul Sea Balliol?

  4. Great photos, best thing to bein' there (sigh...). And that pic of the Lightning - goin' straight up - is most appropriate.

  5. Great photos! Looks like a lot of fun.

  6. Pretty awesome, did like the Lightning pic too. That Ki-100 is gorgeous. Lookin forward to tomorrow's show shots.

  7. Great photo tour! And as said above the pictures are awesome.

  8. Looks like the three amigo`s have turned into the magnificent seven.
    All having a great time too.

  9. Just returned from Telford. Tired as hell.
    It was really a pleasant surprise I stumbled upon Martin and his crew. (Actually he was brave enough to tap me on my shoulder and asked if I am Grega) It is really nice to put a face to a name. We spent great time together in a magnificent museum that Cosford is. Sadly we didn't have an oportunity to gather over a couple of pints, but hopefully they will show up in Moson next april. As you all should.

  10. Nice you met our team. SLOVENIA IPMS.

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