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Kfir C2 AMK 1/48 FAE (Ecuadorian air force)

February 6, 2020 · in Aviation · · 11 ≡

Hello everyone, this is the amazing C2 from AMK, this is a special kit for me because i'm ecuadorian and i remember Kfirs, Jaguars and Mirages FAE flying over Quito in the 90's; also they went into action during the Cenepa war in 1995 (Ecuador-Perú war)

This especific model is the Kfir C2 FAE (Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana-Ecuadorian air force) number 905 from 1998.
Enjoy the pictutes

Hola a todos, este el increíble Kfir C2 1/48 de AMK, es un modelo muy especial ya que soy ecuatoriano y recuerdo los Kfirs, Jaguars y Mirages de la FAE volando sobre Quito en los 90; cabe destacar que todos estos aviones vieron acción real durante la guerra del Cenepa en 1995.
Este modelo en especifico es el Kfir C2 905 de la FAE en su versión de 1998.
Disfruten las fotos.

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  1. I'm so glad to discover there are Ecuadorian modelers. We were thinking of going there, but with my COPD, 7,000 ft at Quito became a non-starter. I wondered if I'd be the only one.

    Beautiful model. Looks very real.

    So what was that war? The last South American war I remember was the "Green Hell" in the 1930s. Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Tks for the replay sir, you will be welcome in my small but beautiful country, if Quito is the problem you always have the coast (beatiful beaches), galapagos island or the amazon jungle, you have plenty of choices.

      The last war in South America was the Cenepa War between Ecuador and Perú in 1995;
      in fact was the first time in this region that we had a real air combat; FAE's Kfir, Jaguar, Migare 1, T37 and peruvians's Migs and Sukhois.
      You can click the link and learn more about the war

  2. That’s a beautiful Kfir, Jorge. What paints did you use?

  3. That's lovely! I did one in 1/72 a few years ago in that exact scheme: I've just started a project to build all the modern era aircraft of S. and Central America, so will be building a few more Ecuadorian aircraft in the next few months and years. I was unaware of the Cenepa War - I'll do more research.

  4. Always good to see a non IAF Kfir, great job!?

  5. Nicely done, looks great in this scheme.

  6. Hello Jorge,

    Job well done on this not so easy color scheme. It worked out perfectly.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  7. Nice Job:

     Love the camo work... Nice and tight.
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