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1/48 Tamiya Dornier Do-335A Pfeil

December 14, 2014 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.5K

This is Dornier Do-335A built several years ago.
The cockpit was built out of the box with the exception of adding seat belts from Eduard. Kit decal was used for the instrument panel.
Painting was done with Gunze acrylics. Upper surfaces were painted to RLM 81 / RLM 82 and the lower surfaces to RLM 76.
Exhaust replaced by Ultracast set # 48105
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20 responses

  1. Nice work as usual Tolga. A fascinating subject. I remember being impressed with the size of this aircraft when I first saw it. I always wanted to do a Reno racer version…..maybe someday.

  2. Looks like you have been building outstanding models for quite a while Tolga.
    Well done.

  3. Cracking job, Tolga. I saw the new larger scale version on sale at Telford at a 'show special' price of £145 (!) but yours in 1/48 is a beauty, no matter when built.

  4. Any day with a new Tolga model is a good day.
    I was sort of born and raised with a view to the Dornier plant in Oberpfaffenhofen so this is a very good day.

  5. Great work Tolga, a wonderful build and excellent finish.
    Well done mate.

  6. We've pretty much exhausted our list of superlatives to describe your outstanding modeling skills, Tolga. You're simply going to have to accept the fact that you're among the handful of subscribers here that turn out such outstanding talent that we "other" modelers can simply stare in stunned amazement and try to think of new ways to tell you what a fine job you've done. And that goes for your knowledge of photography as well.

  7. Abrahamson has said it pretty well. Another boring predictable, as-usual BEAUTY from Tolga Ulgur.

  8. Typical excellent talent and craftsmanship.

  9. Superb as usual Tolgar.

  10. What Craig said! Blown away!

  11. Beautifully executed, Tolga. Inspirational, to say the least.

  12. Here's another word to describe your modelling Tolga: Masterful! Seriously though, some people just have that extra talent or gift which endows their efforts with that bit of extra pizzaz which the rest of us would give our eye teeth for. You're one of them & deservedly so.

  13. In one word: Perfect ! Great work and a very nice weathering job.

  14. Like the others have said, Tolga, just perfect.

  15. Tolga, some questions. Do you prime your models before painting and then pre-shade the panel lines with black? Followed by painting the Splintered scheme. Which is then post shaded with lighter shades of green?

    What about canopies do you prime the frames with interior colors, followed by the splintered pattern of greens too?

    Your photos, are they done with natural light? It looks like they're taken with direct sun light with the blue back drop. Is this true? Any suggestions on how you photograph your work and at what time of the day? Early morning,mid-day or late afternoon etc,etc.

    Two thumbs on the work . Its always professional and clean looking.

    • Hi Stephen,

      Here are my answers

      • I am not using a special primer before painting. Before camouflage painting I am applying pre shading with black .

      After scheme applied panels shaded with lighter tones or vice versa is also true.( Darkened the panel lines , it s up to the situation)

      After masking canopies first airbrushed the interior color, then later the outside color.

      Yes nearly all of them done with sun light. This is the best for s better to get the light behind you and trying to fine tuning the angle of the light to the model to avoid unwilling shinings.

      Generally afternoon it works better but the season also important. The hot and agressive summer sunlight is not good for this here in Istanbul.The best season is fall and spring .And also it s possible to get excellent results in cold and sunny winter days. Oblique angle of the soft sunlight gives good results.

  16. Thanks to all for their comments, very appreciated

  17. Another beauty Tolga! Great looking Arrow!

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