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Do-335B-2 "M14": an aircraft with two faces!

Two models, one aircraft! The idea of depicting one and the same aircraft in two different paint schemes, which the aircraft wore at different times, can be an attractive undertaking in itself from a modelling point of view. However, [...]

An "arrow" that was no longer shot: Do-335B-4 reconnaissance aircraft

Fighter, fighter-bomber, reconnaissance plane, night fighter, high-altitude reconnaissance plane, "destroyer": since the beginning of 1943, truly far-reaching plans were being pursued with the Do-335 "Arrow"! With [...]


My Do-335 HK Models

Tamiya Dornier 335 A-12. 1/48th

Tamiya base kit with replacement resin/etch cockpits, flaps and rear engine, as captured by American forces.

New pics of my 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Do-335

Just shot these new photos of my Do-335. I wasn't very happy with the first series I shot. I also made some slight mods to the finished model. I wasn't happy with the positioning of the landing gear and performed a little surgery on that [...]

The 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Do-335 Pfeil is finally finished!

Man, this beast took over four moths to build. I worked on it at least 3 hours a night missing only about a week's time. It required a considerable amount of effort with lots of parts and an over-abundance of detail- much of it lost when I [...]

Do-335 weathering

I added the decals to my 1/32 D0-335, then sprayed MMP Matte Clear. I let that dry, then painted over the German insignias witha a mixture of MMP Transparent Medium mixed (maybe 20 drops) with a couple of drops of black to simulate the [...]

1/32 Z-M Do-335 Progress Report

Here's my 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Do-335. Progress has been slow because there are so many damn parts. It looks more weathered than most 335's because this one was captured by the allies and shipped back to the US for testing. It will have all [...]

Quick Update 1/32 Z-M Do-335

I appreciate every one's comments on my previous post. I started chipping the paint last night- a rather tedious, but oddly relaxing endeavor. I may have over-done it in some spots so I'll probably go over them with a light airbrushing to [...]

I just painted the Braunviolet areas on my...

I just painted the Braunviolet areas on my 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Do-335 Pfeil this afternoon. I used Mission Models paints on top of AK interactive Xtreme Metals. Adherence of the MMP was really good even on top of hairspray treated ares. A [...]