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Supermarine Spitfire Vb (Trop) in 1/48 scale by Airfix.

December 3, 2014 · in Aviation · · 39 · 2.4K

My inspiration for this model came from Brian Cauchi's book " Spitfrie Vs - 1942: Their Colours & Markings" which I found of enormous help & in addition a real potential problem as the temptation is undoubtedly to try & build all the many colour schemes & markings it portrays. This particular represents an aircraft from 249 Sqn , based in Ta' Qali following its delivery as part of Operation Spotter in early 1942. Originally painted in mid stone & dark earth over sky, it was apparently deemed advisable to reduce over-water visibility by painting over the mid stone with extra dark sea grey & this is what is illustrated on page 13 of the above book. There are many, many alternative colour schemes shown, but this one also came in the kit so it was a done deal!. I should add that the camouflage seems very effective on "dry land" too as the model all but disappeared in some of my photographs!

Incidentally,I think this kit is a dream; hardly any filler, accurate & easy to build. All I want now is for Airfix to put out the Vc with the later wings so I can build more Malta Spitfires!

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  1. And a nice job it is, Tony...beautiful work. Great photos as well.

  2. I think the kit marks Airfix's return to the level they achieved with the Spitfire 22/24-Seafire 47 kits

    Beautiful work on this.

  3. Great Spitfite, Tony and well presented. Your chipping at the wing roots is great as always.
    Good to hear about the fit, the parts in the (nice looking ) box are looking really tasty. The paint scheme is one of the box s options ?
    Well done

    • Thanks Bernd,
      Yes, the markings are one of the two kit options. I should add that the decals are excellent too; all in register & snug down very well.

      • Good to hear about them, Tony. They look great on the sheet.
        Fot mine i will use the stencils from the kit and decals from MAV decals, for a South African bird in standart desert camo.
        Its great to know, that Airfix is back !

  4. Great looking Spitfire, Tony. I agree these schemes make a welcome change from the more commonly seen temperate climate combinations.

  5. Nice BUILD! im"like.


  6. That is a brilliant model. The finish looks really great.

  7. Done to your usual high skill level Tony. The colors & weathering compliment each other.
    Well done.

  8. Great weathering there Tony, she looks sweet.
    Well done sir.

  9. Who would have thought a few years ago that an Airfix kit could render a Tamiya kit obsolete... but here it is. Great build, makes me realize that I'd need the same kit, too!

  10. now thats a pretty airplane - wonderful spitfire!

  11. Very nice work on that - right out of the pages of that excellent book! I totally agree with you - that book is an inspiration to build many of those Malta schemes. I'm so glad to see it done as well as you have - it's only a faint hope on my 'someday' list.. 🙂 Seriously, very nice work.

  12. Awesome Spit. Motivation enough for me to get mine out of the stash! Airfix have finally ousted the Tamiya offering! Well done Tony!

  13. Great looking Spit Tony. I get closer to buying one every time I see one built up, and yours has just about sealed the deal. 🙂

  14. The history of AB264, the subject of the model, shows that it was damaged in action over Malta on 3 May 1943, transferred to the USAAF in NW Africa 1 October 1943, and returned to RAF Middle East 31 August 1944, so she survived a lot of action. Be nice if someone could find a photo or two of her in (presumably) 12th AF markings for another model.

  15. Great job. Looks great. 🙂

  16. Really nice work there Tony. Did you use any aftermarket on this kit or is it all out the box?

  17. Hi Gregor. Thanks for the kind words. Re. aftermarket stuff: I had to scratchbuild the rear vision mirror because the kit part pinged out of my tweezers; never to be seen again. There is also a set of etched seat belts, but that's it.

  18. Makes it all the better in my eyes. I'm looking forward to building my one now 🙂

  19. Nice work Tony. The landing gear set up has put me off from starting that kit to be honest. What did you do, CA the butt joins on the legs?

    • Hi John, Thanks for your comments. In a word: yes. The undercarriage was really the only stumbling block in the entire build. at first I tried to follow the instructions but found that my fingers were too big & the hinge bit too small, so I then had a much closer look at the mechanics of it all & decided to join the top part to the legs (note that there is a small step on each part at this joint which overlaps & will align the whole thing correctly so you won't have any problems with wheel alignment). I found it was possible to insert the completed leg from underneath so that it popped in to the wing spar sockets. You might need to give the socket on the front spar a little swipe with a sanding stick, but mine went in just fine. A dab of CA & it was all done. I had no further problems; wheels went on at the correct angle as did the undercarriage doors. Hope this helps

      Please don't ask me why the entire leg was not made as one piece, but it may be to try & avoid breakages during the rest of the build. Cheers, Tony

  20. Yet another great looking Spitfire from you, Tony, you have a very good consistent standard of finishing them.

  21. Thanks George. I'm currently trying to build a Vc from spare bits. If it works OK you'll see it here (in the fullness of time!). Fingers crossed>

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