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De Havilland Mosquito FB.VI, 1 squadron RAAF Borneo, Tamiya 1:72

This time, this project is nothing out of the ordinary. Just a Tamiya model from over 20 years ago. However, it was a real return to childhood. Do you remember those moments when in your youth you came back with the desired model, with [...]

Spitfirepalooza Continues

Here’s my Airfix Spitfire Mk. XII. I thought this was the 2022 release but it turned out to be the original 2017 kit. I’ve read online comments that on occasion early run Airfix kits have some issues. I’ve not run into this until [...]

Miles Magister (MikroMir 1/32)

Malies Magister was a trainer and acrobatics aircraft designed in the 1930s. I like this classic look of it, and it's visible from the start, that the aircraft is from the Golden Era of aviation. For me, Miles Magister was one of the first [...]

Tamiya 1/48 Mustang completed.

This is the Tamiya Mustang P51B/C kit which I have just completed as a commission build, built from a photo the client had of the aircraft, which his father had flown at the end of the War. He wanted the aircraft to look suitably tired as [...]

An Old Basset

I don’t know what possessed me (okay, it was probably the cool box art) but I saw this in the local hobby shop and had to take it home. First issued in 1968 it shows its age with a very simplified cockpit (although I’m sure the real [...]

A swift idea: rather than on three wheels, in their element! Supermarine Swift FR. 5, No 2 Squadron RAF Germany

About the Supermarine Swift When the name Supermarine Swift is mentioned, even many a friend of aviation will find it difficult to associate the aircraft with it: unlike the name of the British manufacturer, which still has a good ring to [...]

1/48 AMT/ERTL Boston III (early)Desert Air War Group Build

The DB-7B/Boston Mk III was the exported British version of the Douglas A-20C mid-1941. So many Bostons were modified and assembled on British airfields and elsewhere that it can be difficult to pinpoint the actual airframe model just by [...]

BAE Lightning T.Mk.4to the hell and back again

The kit is SWORD, 1:48, which was advertised to me as "beautiful kit, the last one in the shelf". OK, I always wanted to have this iconic fighter in my display, who does not want to build "beautiful" kit? I make the [...]

Desert Air Force Spitfire Mk.VcEduard 1/48 Profipack

This is a non-box 1943 Desert Air Force Spitfire scheme using the Mk.Vc Tropical (with Volkes air filter) optional parts from Eduard's absolutely excellent new Mk.Vc ProfiPack kit. It has the slightly awkward and unnecessarily fiddly [...]

Westland Whirlwind

This is the 1/32 Special Hobby kit. It is built to represent the aircraft flown by Squadron leader Eeles. -This is a wonderful kit in my opinion, but not for a [...]