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Royal Air Force

Hawker Typhoon 1B, DN323 Y, 451 Sqn RAAF, Edku Egypt, 1943.

1/72 Brengun, built 06-2022 to 09-2023 for the Desert air war GB, more pic's and details there.

Top P-40 Ace

This the first of six P-40s I built earlier last year for a club display for the Australian Model Expo. I built them as one group of three and a second group of four. A seventh aircraft was not finished in time for Expo but is now [...]

The Post-War Hawker Tempest V

The Tempest V stands as a marvelous example of Hawker Aviation design. Renowned for its exceptional speed, agility and firepower, the Napier Sabre engine gave the Tempest V remarkable performance at low and medium altitudes. This is the [...]

Photoshoot for the Fiddlers Green Sopwith Dolphin

I remember posting a poster I made of the fiddlers green dolphin and was asked by a fellow modeler here about some pics. I am thankful for his request and made me realize that I need to post pictures like these. I plan to post more and [...]

Airfix Supermarine Swift 1/72

Another one done i have wanted to for a very long time. The Swift may not have been super successful but it looks great. This is what a jet from the 50ies is supposed to look like. Plus, that blue belly just got my attention. Many [...]

1/48 SAAF Hawker Hurricane

This Hasegawa kit was a gift to me from my friend , Morné @mornem. He shipped it to me here in Oklahoma from South Africa…. so this is really a South African Hurricane ! I used my airbrush, Tamiya paints, and AML paint masks to paint [...]

Eduard Tempest T.T.Mk.5, 1/48, 'A Jet Age Training Aide'

A long time ago I completed a dual build of Eduard's Royal Class Tempest Mk.V set, it was among the first airbrushed models I did and I was very proud of the jump in quality between those Tempests and the builds prior. That set, like all [...]

Airfix Defiant Mk.I, 1/48. 'The Daytime Daffy'

This 'Daffy' was built during a quick break during training, I didn't have anything in the stash that I thought would be a quick build so I ended up going to the only model shop left in my area and picking this guy up, and then later [...]

1/72 Airfix Meteor F8

I’ve made quite a few of the new Airfix kits, mostly the 1/72 models, and this is the best one they’ve put out of those. Outstanding fit, very good detail, the best panel line size in this scale for Airfix, and great decals. I did add [...]

Cold War...1/48 English Electric Lightning F.2A, No.92 Sqn RAF

After the Airfix Walrus, now an Airfix Classic. My dad wanted to do a silver bird, so he decided to build the Airfix Lightning which I bought him as a present for last Christmas. Didn´t turn out perfect and has its glitches but all in all [...]