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Tanks for a great year…

Ok bad pun! Here is my Dragon Smart Panther so far. Turning out well, I am using the Griffon Model PE set, which is kind of hit and miss. Detail is great, but some of the parts are so small and fragile they are nearly impossible to use. Happy Holidays everyone!

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11 responses to Tanks for a great year…

  1. really nice etch work

  2. Looks pretty good from here ….me and PE don’t play well together. 🙁

  3. Nice work. Do you solder your PE when needed?

  4. That is sooo cool looking. And the tank in nice also! But Rob. Maritime Pacific on a tank model? You should be building ships!
    OK, That’s for the pun. Please keep us posted on your progress. It is looking great so far.
    California Steve

  5. Good one Steve! Al, I soldered the rear storage bins (not shown in the pics), but mostly I use Zap CA, and Gorilla Glue. I like the Gorilla super glue as it is fairly thick and slow setting so it gives you time to position things. I first used it on a ship kit I built.

  6. It looks good, it tastes good, and by golly, it does you good! It’s a little early, but Merry Christmas, Rob.

  7. Yep, I am always excited when it is time for Jolly Roger Christmas Ale to come out. It is..well a bit “stout” and that’s how I like my beer!

  8. Great work and Cheeers 🙂

  9. Coming on. I’m sure the PE will make a big difference under paint.

  10. Great looking glass of ale, the label on the bottle looks like it laid down really well. Oh and that tank thingie was pretty good too. 😉

  11. One good pun deserving another, Bob Hopeless will now sing (ahem) “Tanks for the memories” With the panzerarmee ensemble.
    Rick, what about the weathering on the label? I don’t see no preshading, neither.
    The tank looks good, though.

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