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Wingnut Wings Hansa Brandenburg W29

December 24, 2014 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.6K

I said I,d post the pics I took of this build. Apologies for them not really being magazine quality, but they were all done on my iPhone! Note to self...2015 resolution...invest in decent camera for photographing models!

Anyway, the kit is built out of the box, it goes together like a dream, is superbly detailed, and a very impressive model once finished. Everything written about Wingnut kits is true, they are magnificent in everyday, packaging, mould quality, decals and instructions.

I thought I,d share this with everyone as it is an unusual model. As a vintage aircraft, with its wooden construction, it is very different from the usual WW2 and modern subjects I usually build. It has led to me trying out and developing new painting skills, such as wood effect and laminated propeller painting. The build itself holds no challenges for a competent and reasonably experienced modeller.

All the upper surfaces are covered with decals, which were challenging, but being Cartograph, went on well and settled down with Micro Set and Sol. All the decals for the dials are a lovely touch, and really catch the eye on the finished model.

There are a set of beaching trollies and trestles with the model, that are still in the making, but the aim is to mount the model on these eventually.

All in all a very satisfying build, of something different, and it stands out uniquely amongst my other models. I have two other Wingnut kits, the DH9 Ninak, and Brisfit, which may get some attention soon, but will need to pluck up some courage around the rigging for those!

Hope you enjoy! Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone!


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  1. Superb! Well done. Can't wait to see the rest of your WNW kits.

  2. Wonderful build! I think that is one of my favorite of the WnW series, I must get one some day.

  3. Never have done a WNW kit, but everything I've heard echoes your sentiments regarding quality and fit. WWI is not really an area of interest to me, but your build certainly has me thinking about giving one a go. Especially one without a lot of rigging, such as this one. And I've seen much worse pictures on here - nothing wrong with those. 🙂

    • I agree Craig! I do want to give one a go as well just from what I've seen and heard about the kits. (Especially now that I've found out about EZ Wire!) But which one? I would like to try simulating wood grain as Ian has done. Awesome build!

  4. These are excellent kits, as we've seen on this site and elsewhere. I think the only comment I'd add is that I'm used to seeing a shadow-shift along each rib spar where it presses against the fabric. That said, it doesn't detract from your build. Nicely presented.

  5. Lovely build there mate.
    Those WNW kits are the dog`s danglies.
    Well done mate.

  6. Beautiful effort on this model. Those who haven't bought one can only now get it in company with the Felixstowe, a "duellists" kit that comes to something around US$300.

  7. Excellent build, razor sharp pictures, well done !

  8. Very impressive mate!

  9. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments. For those wishing to attempt wood grain effect, all I did with this model was to base coat the surface with Citadel Graveyard Earth (any base mid brown would do, and I suppose its down to the final effect you want to achieve).

    Next, I apply dots of raw umber, burnt sienna and white all over the affected surfaces (again in proportionate amounts to the finished effect, e.g., the darker you want it, the more raw umber applied, and vice versa with white). Then it is simply a case of using a wide flat brush, moistened with white spirit to draw over the oil paints creating a grain effect. It takes a little practice, but its oil paint and if you are not happy with it simply wipe it off and start again. It does,t take long, and I,m very happy with the results I achieved with it.

    Not likely to be doing wood effect for a while though...a Tina shaped Santa brought me an Airfix 1/24 would be rude not to build this immediately! Watch this space! Happy modelling!

  10. I want a Tina shaped Santa!... Beautiful modeling on this aircraft. These had quite a history of shoot downs. Really well done.
    California Steve

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