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Avia B.534 serie.IV 1/48 Eduard

January 16, 2015 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.2K

This is the profipack, loaded with pe, paint masks and decal options. Tough little bugger as a kit but worth the effort in the end - it's a looker too!


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  1. Eduard usually produces a good kit...and you've done a good job with this one.

  2. This is something I'd love to see live. The build is great and I really like the cabin interior. And the stand, quite unusual, can you share how you made it?

    • Lukasz it's the benefit of the profipack, the ip and a lot of the details in the cockpit are already painted photoetch parts. except fixing them into place with pronto floor wax and some light drybrushing and oil washes here and there to pop the dials a bit more there isn't anything else i did.

      • Oh, I've never built anything from Eduard, but earlier today I visited the local store to get Tamiya's Zeke and Eduard's Bf-110 drew my attention, a seller presented it to me and it was the profipack including some photoetched and resin parts - sooo impressive and the quality amazed me. Probably will go for Eduard next time. One more technical question 🙂 Are the patterns on wheel guards decals or painted? And BTW your cabin deserves some closer shots 🙂

        • profipacks can be pricey but the added value (IF you are after those detail sets that is!) makes them worthwhile.

          wheelguards were decals, not very good and a bit outta register i must say unfortunately.

          as for the cockpit shots i agree but my current lighting setup and the camera don't agree with each other for that kind of close up shots...

  3. A very good job on this one Murad. Well done!

  4. Murad: She's a beauty, isn't she? Supposedly, one of them shot down the last aircraft a biplane did, during the Czech National Rising.
    Evolutionary end of the biplanes, like Heinkel 51, Gloster Gladiator, Grumman F3F-3, Caproni CR42, Henshel 123.
    Good to see one built,and well done.

  5. Nice one, Murad, like you said, she's a looker. How did you make the base by the way?

    • George the bulk of the base is regular paper and model kit cardboard hardened with paper glue and pva. Once things were dry enough i smeared plaster around the trim then painted with oil paints.
      Groundwork is carbonate, pva, woodshavings from the local carpenter and water. Paint and weathering multiple stages of acrylics oils and pigments.

  6. Morne and Bernard, thank you very much.

  7. A great looking build. I like the national markings against the green, and the attention to the ribs, showing them with the lighter colour beneath the fabric rather than just a flat green finish overall.

  8. True diversification!
    i'm like Eduard Avia 1/48 have both versions in stash.
    now I'm saving for € 1/72.
    so on..

  9. Great work Murad, I like the finish and the base sets it off quite nicely.
    Well done sir.

  10. Really nice work on what i know isn't Eduard's easiest kit. I like the weathering on the paint, and that the chipping was so minimal, since pre-war those airplanes were all pretty well-maintained. Highly realistic result.

  11. Looks the part Murad. The base really compliments the aircraft.

  12. Nice kit Murad - detail looks nice

  13. Murad
    Gorgeous model, I have one of these to build too as Josef Frantisek's aircraft, could you please tell me what colour green you used for the upper surfaces please?

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