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M777A2 155mm Towed Howitzer Built from Scratch

December 21, 2021 · in Armor · · 8 · 2.3K

This is the BAE Systems M777A2 155mm Towed . The M777 came into the Canadian Army in 2005 eventually to replace the M109A4B+ Self Propelled Howitzer of the same 155mm caliber. This gun can shoot a GPS Guided round 40km. With a RAM, Rocket assisted Projectile it can shoot 30km. standard rounds up to 24km give or take. This is mainly built from pine. I built this one in 2018. This one will be in my Military Museum when I get it built.

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  1. Very nice result, Aaron @aaronbouma
    Great to see the pictures while you are building it.
    Amazing wood scratch building.

  2. Fantastic stuff! How did you come up with idea to build big military models out of pine wood?

  3. It was soft, it worked well and continues to. Easy to shape. I also use bass wood sometimes too. When I started using it way back when it just became so efficient and worked much better than harder wood I had tried.

  4. This is fantastic stuff, my friend Aaron! It's truly wonderful that you posted the in-progress pics!

  5. Very nice . My son was an M777 Gun Platoon leader in Afghanistan as a 1LT in the Army. He loved that gun...

  6. A piece of art! I researched this piece but indeed no injection mold kit available yet, looks fabulous!

  7. Great job
    Very skilled workmanship

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