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F-84F Hobby Boss

F-84F-45-RE 52-6675 USAF, Hobby Boss 48th built from-the-box. I obtained an advance kit and, by arrangement with SAMI, did a first-build article which was published in their Feb 2014 issue. There were problems with the nose and vertical tail decals and I had to substitute the decals from Monogram’s F-84F kit. NMF with a variety of Testors Metalizers.

Some photos show the Hobby Boss kit compared to the Monogram kit.

19 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to F-84F Hobby Boss

  1. Nice work. I always liked the Thunderstreak.

  2. Another immaculate build, Bruce. Very nice.

  3. Good looking model, Bruce, and the photographs showing the build are definitely a plus.

  4. Great looking Thunderstreak!!! The NMF looks very nice Bruce. Well done.

  5. Thanks for the kind words! My favorite of all the Thunders is the YF-96A, prototype for what morphed into the Thunderstreak series.

  6. Wait. HB has a Thunderstreak now too? I’ve built Monogram’s several times and have a Heller RF-84F in the wings and I have a question about the speed brakes. Did Monogram make them too small? I noticed the ones on this kit are taller like Heller’s. I have to agree on the YF-96. You get the swept wings with the skinny fuselage and bubble canopy of the straight wing jets. The Thunderstreak has one of the most elegant profiles of early jets. Kinda makes a Sabre look fat!
    Welcome to the site. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to future posts! (I myself am off to se the SR-71 biz jets!)

  7. A very nice F-84F, its the first time i have seen a HB Thunderstreak build.

  8. Thanks all for the kind words, much appreciated. I had a day free to post, now back to work for the next five weeks, so no time to post or follow. Frown# See ya’ll in five weeks!

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