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1/32 Aerotech DH-88 Comet `Grosvernor House'

February 9, 2015 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3.7K

This is the DH-88 .

150 of these kits were made with plans to re-issue fairly soon.

The Kit: Aerotech (Marsh Models) Resin/Photo etch/White Metal

The kit represents the overall shape of the real aircraft quite well but needed some significant extra work to bring out the distinctive shapes that make this iconic aircraft into a sleek and beautiful racing machine. A lot of work went into applying the fabric effect to the control surfaces and aft of the rear spar on the wing, using primer to build up the effect. Similar efforts went into the construction of the canopy to replace the decal framing of the kit with real framing constructed from 43 parts of plastic card and aluminium foil. I worked on this kit pretty well every other day and it took 1.5 months from start to finish. I felt that the kit needed a new front instrument panel and as such this was Scratchbuilt. Here is a list of the mods that I did to the kit.


Reshaped Fin, Nose cone, rear of cowls, fuselage cross section
Modified front of cowl.

All fabric effects added with primer

Scratchbuilt Front Instrument panel and canopy

Seat cushions from Plastic card


RB Productions Sutton Harnesses
Airscale instruments
Uschi Woodgrain decal

Paint and finish:

Tamiya TS-8 Italian red (2 coats straight from the spray can) Followed by 2 coats of TS-13 clear over the kit decals and self masked and sprayed `comet'.

I have thrown in a few other pictures at the end of the series, as I like to have comparison shots of the various types of other aircraft that make a good pair to my recent completions. The Tiger is another De-Havilland type. The Supermarine S4 is another Aerotech kit, and the picture of the Comet in the display case along with all of my other completions for 2014.



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  1. Absolutely fantastic job on a very unique airplane. Great photography. And I'm really envious of your display case (and the room to have it).

  2. Great sleek looking aircraft. I really like the glossy finish. You've really hit that sheen.

  3. That's a beautiful looking plane, Eric, fantastic finish and well photographed, and, as you say, it goes very well with the other models.

  4. WAOUUUHHHHH ! it"s a fantaxtic plane ! I love your building and paintjob !

  5. I once saw the real DH-88 at Shuttleworth in this red livery and it struck me as one of the best-looking flying machines ever. Stunning to look at, and your model does it justice. Great work

  6. Lovely aircraft. An unusual subject in a great finish.

  7. The DH-88's were famous for their paticipation in the October 1934 MacRobertson race from Britain to Australia in a mandatory 16 days. Grosvenor House and Amy Johnson's black DH-88 are my favourites. Excellent rendition of a classic from the golden era of aviation. Well done!

  8. that is just GORGEOUS. An excellent finish - you have a rich high gloss finish on that bird that is seriously impressive. Really superb. I have gone back and look at the photos several times - I really love it. Great one!

  9. You've done great work here. Having suffered through trying to do an Aerotech kit, which is not cheap, and comparing them with other resin kits of similar price and far higher production values, terming them "primitive" in production is a compliment. For me, never again! Life is waaaaaaay to short.

  10. Great finish and a lovely cabinet too.

  11. I'm a little late to the party but I really am in admiration of your work on this. Would like to see more on those other racers you have shown.
    I just got the old & basic 1/72nd Airfix Kit & was trying to figure out what to do about the cockpit & your pictures have really helped.

  12. Drop dead gorgeous. Very nice indeed.

  13. Thanks very much for the great comments guys. I am new to this site and the response is great. I will slowly trickle more of my stuff to these pages soon.


  14. Eric,
    Also late but my praise is right now. Fabulous. I can't believe this was painted with a rattle can. A beautiful model of a beautiful airplane.

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