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RNLI lifeboat station “Stornoway” on the Isle of Lewis

August 8, 2017 · in Diorama · · 14 Comments

station “stornoway” on the isle of lewis
(rnli= royal national lifeboat institution) (uk)
Severn Class Lifeboat:
The Severn Class is an all-weather lifeboat, that was introduced into the fleet in the year 1995. The last one was delivered in 2004. A total of 44 were build. 35 on active duty and 9 are in the relief fleet.

General Information:
• Crew of seven under the command of a coxswain,
• Maximum speed is 25 knots, endurance 250 miles, 5600 liters of fuel,
• Length 17.3 meter/Width 5.9 meter/Draft 1.78 meter,
• Weight in tonnes =42-ton maximum
• Propulsion 2x Caterpillar 1250 hp each by 2350 rpm or
2x MTU 1600 hp. Each by 2450 rpm,
• Identification Hull Number: 17-18 (17=17 meters) (18= number 18 in construction),

The models:
The Lifeboat:
The lifeboat is a jewel amongst the ships collection of all manufacturers. Nothing grey about it. All fresh colours. This model is however, to my opinion, not for beginners. You will need to have some experience to bring this to a good end. This goes for the actual build and the colour finish. I hope that Airfix will bring more of these models on the market. Decals out the box, spray painted with Xtra Colour. (Excellent paint)

The Westland Wessex HC2 RAF:
From Italeri. No problems what so ever with the construction. The decals are from Xtra Decal. Paint again from the Xtra Colour range.

From the start, it was the intention to make a station that consisted out of a helideck platform and a floating jetty that would go along with the tide. On the floating platform is electricity and water available for the boat. The lifeboat is full hull in the project. For the whole construction, I used the Evergreen plastic range. I used the photograph of a Canadian Coast Guard Station as an example.
When the construction was settled, including the boat sea bottom colours and some floating debris, I poured in a two component resin to fill it up to the desired height. This mixture settled quite fast.

Hebrides, Stornoway Station on the Isle of Lewis. This time on a sunny day. The crew is enjoying the scenery and on the Heli platform there is a visiting Wessex from 22 squadron RAF that is on a navigation flight.
By the way, a sunny day with hardly any winds and no rain happens only e few times a year on this location. But the water shows no sign of any wind going around.
Regards to all iModelers, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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14 responses

  1. That, my friend, is an outstanding presentation - from start to finish. Apart from the stellar build(s), the diorama is another model in it self, also beautifully done. Very nice project, Dirk. I feel we may be seeing this again next month.

  2. As Craig said Dirk , very well presented and constructed.

  3. Beautiful, Dirk. Great subjects. It's something most of us will never see, so we can learn something as well as seeing your many skills.

    I had to laugh when you wrote "sunny day" after mentioning the location, Hebrides, Stornoway Station on the Isle of Lewis. I thought to myself - "Not many sunny days there" and then you wrote nearly the same thing near the end of your interesting narrative! I'm still laughing!

    A wonderful, interesting model & narrative - thanks for sharing!

    Cheers - Jeff

  4. Excellent as usual. Your builds always tell a story.

  5. Wonderful!
    And so lively !
    1/72 is in fact a very large scale for ships (i can imagine a 1/72 carrier model wow!

  6. Beautiful Dirk! Love the mix of subjects, and a great job on the helipad and jetty.

  7. Profile Photo
    said on August 8, 2017

    Really nice work Dirk.

  8. Dirk, absolutely stunning! Love the presentation!

  9. Great attention to detail. Very nice.

  10. What they said Dirk, lovely presentation.

  11. A really clever way to show off two very attractive models, those bright colours make a very nice change. In case some of you don't know the Royal National Lifeboard Institution (RNLI) is a charity, the crews are volunteers and do an incredible job, the organisation receives no state funding depending entirely on contributions from the general public.

  12. That is a truly great job Dirk. A subject not shown so often, and Airfix made a nice kit from this lifeboat. Wonderful with the platform and Wessex HC2. When in the area I usualy visit the RNLI lifeboat stations, and in Holland I'm a sponsor for the Dutch KNRM lifeboat association. We just had a great demonstration evening in Hook of Holland with the sea going lifeboat. Cheers Dirk! Fantastic job!

  13. Outstanding work!

  14. Hello Charles,
    Thanks for your kind response.
    I did my best and it took a long time to get completed.
    Highest Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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