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1/72 Vickers Vanguard

February 13, 2015 · in Aviation · · 20 · 9.1K

This is the Gene Hooker vacform model of the Vickers Vanguard

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  1. Nice.
    I can remember these planes flying in and out of Guernsey Airport when I was on holiday over there.
    Well finished sir.

  2. BEA had a very nice colour scheme on their aircraft. Those red wings stand out nicely against the NMF. Beautiful! This must be a big model in 1/72 scale. Well done!

  3. Fantastic. Great model!

  4. Outstanding build, love airliners.

  5. Your Vanguard is just superb Kevin. In 1/72 it must be huge! I can only guess at the time you put in to get such a gorgeous result. Nice photos too.

  6. This is what modeling is all about ...capturing the look and character of the subject being modeled. Kevin, the painting on this build is sharp,crisp and tight. While everything being modeled appears to be in scale. Even the ladder looks like a ladder ...some ladders molded plastic look like plastic this model in and of itself plays the part well and contributes to appeal of your Vanguard. Two thumbs up on this one. This is some strong work that will be a solid candidate for model of the month.

  7. Very nice in this scale. Red is often a difficult colour to work with, due to its low opacity. The engine and fuselage details are excellent.

  8. Thanks guys, this was not an easy model to make, as it was a very basic vacform and needed some scratch building such as the props, wheels and interior, the RR Tyne engines were cast in resin.

  9. VERY well-done. I applaud you, Kevin, and others who take-on vacforms and do them up very well.

  10. My "hat's off " to anyone who undertakes ANY vacuform kit - especially one that takes so much scratch building. You've turned out an excellent example here, sir. So...exactly what ARE the dimensions of your model?

  11. We get a lot of really great builds posted on this site but every now and then something really outstanding comes along , the quality of finish and level of detail is amazing, really well done Kevin .

  12. That's a truly lovely model, Kevin, which captures the feel of the original aircraft perfectly. Your photos took me straight back to "plane spotting" all those years ago from the roof of the Queen's Building at Heathrow. Those red wings and red square markings were such a startling change from the plain silver and white of the previous era. Thanks for posting.

  13. Now that's a real airliner, Kevin, back in the good old days before British Airways. Superb model and great photographs.

  14. That is serious out of the ordinary work, with a truly excellent result. That's a helluva nice looking airliner.

  15. Truly amazing. Probably the best airliner model that I've seen. Bravo.

  16. Kevin, that is an outstanding model especially considering what you have had to work with from with the very basic Gene Hooker vac kit. It has turned out amazingly well. The detail to scale is very very good. I saw the working progress at Farnborough and Telford and had a feeling that this was going to be a cracker. Well done. Cheers Alastair

  17. Your modest description barely hints at the quality of your build. Truly a miniature work of art you have created there. I totally agree with Stephen about that ladder - the finesse of the small details makes the whole package that much more amazing. Outstanding work. That is better than most injection builds I have seen, so all the more amazing that you had a basic vac to start with. Wow and wow again. beautiful

  18. Yes a class job, like the windscreen wipers and anti ice jets around the cockpit, fine detail. Very interesting aircraft, those big windows must have afforded the pax a great view! I think I would prefer to travel on that than any 737 today. Were those RR Dart engines, same as the C160 Transall?

  19. Kevin,
    Late to the compliment party again but I add my whole hearted congratulations.

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