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McDonnell Douglas F2H-4 Banshee

This is the Tigger vacuform kit in 1/32 scale I had wanted a kit in this scale since I converted the old Hawk F2H-2 1/48 kit to a -4 many years ago. The conversion took much longer than me binning it after completion. Really no [...]

North American FJ-4B Fury

This is the ID vacuform kit that I picked up in the sale bin at Colpar’s in Denver about 8 years ago. It really hasn’t been on the SOD that long. We moved from Colorado back to Kansas in 2014. - For a vacuform, this was well [...]

FormaPlane 1/72 vacuform Beriev MBR-2

The Russian MBR-2 was designed by Georgy Mikhailovich Beriev and first flew in 1931, this was his first plane that he designed and put into production. From October 1934 to 1968, he ran the Central Design Office for marine aircraft in [...]

Rareplane's 1/72 Heinkel He-112B

This build was made for a group build called, "in Serving Under Another Flag." and I built Rareplane's I/72 vacuform He-112. This is an early Rareplane kit that was released in 1971. I used the Spanish National markings from the [...]

1/32nd scale Short Sunderland Mk II – ID Models vacform WIP

Morning all, I thought some of you may be interested in one of my longer term vacform projects that's been making good progress of late - the old ID Models 1/32nd scale Short Sunderland. This kit is a basic shell of the fuselage, wings, [...]

Dynavector 1/48 XA2D-1 Skyshark

Why I am not standing in line for the new kit, good as I hear it is. History By the end of the Second World War, with operational analysis demonstrating that Navy fighter squadrons had protected the carrier-based strike aircraft so well [...]

P-8A Poseidon, 11 Squadron RAAF

1/72 Welsh Models P-8A Poseidon in the markings of A47-007 of 11SQN, RAAF complete. The build consisted of scratch building the weapons bay, weapons mounting points on the wings and pylons, many of the ESM and AMS lumps and antennas. I [...]

Rareplane 1/72 Republic P-43 Lancer

Rareplane's P-43 Lancer, my first vac-form build. This is an old vac-form kit released at 1972, single sheet with decent details. It was not a horrible build but did have some minor issues to deal with. My first plan was to use a resin [...]

Crazy Horse TF-51D Mustang Conversion

26 years ago I was a recent college debt, and things to do. A friend of mine bought a flight in Crazy Horse, at the time it was $1,600 for an hour. Three of us Mustang nuts piled in the car and headed to Latrobe, PA to watch Tony [...]

A vac beauty! Messerchmitt Me-261 ”Adolfine”, V2 Prototype (BJ+CQ), Airmodel, 1/72

Hi everyone! This is my 1/72 Airmodel Messerchmitt Me-261 ”Adolfine” vac. The Adolfine was a long-range reconnaissance aircraft designed in the late 1930s. It looked like an enlarged version of the Messerschmitt Bf 110. It was not put [...]