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Monogram B-26C Marauder The Yankee Guerrilla

January 9, 2023 · in Aviation · 13 · 0.8K

Hi everyone. Let me start by saying thank you for your kind welcome to the imodeller group and comments about my first post.

This is Monograms B-26C in the markings of The Yankee Guerrilla based at Boxted airbase August 1943. This kit in these markings grabbed my attention two fold, as my local club ( IPMS Rivenhall ) asked members to try and do a B-26 build for Telford 2022 and also I live very close to the Boxted base and often spend Sunday afternoons down there with my son, who is also getting into the hobby.

I found the kit a challenge to build with both fuselage sides being of different depths and the high shoulder wings being at different heights plus the dreadful fit of engine nacelles and rear nose gun. But I got there in the end. Ironically only myself and one other completed the Marauders for the show. Bit of a tough build.

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  1. Great job on this Guy , I like to see it when someone perseveres with these old kits and turns out a well presented finish , well done , the invasion stripes are great.

  2. A great example of the tricky old Monogram kit! Props to you for completing it, and Cconsidering the circumstances, it sould like we have you and the other IPMS fellow to thanks for completing these kits, which no doubt sparked ICM to announce a new tool B-26B later this year...

  3. Very nice looking Marauder, Guy @thom
    Great to hear that also your son is getting into this hobby.

  4. A wonderful result out of the definitely very challenging Monogram kit, Guy! Indeed, this kit is a dog to build. Really nice that you take your son to the base and that he is also getting into the hobby!

  5. Nice building Guy! I was planning to build it soon but with the assembly problems, I'll wait a bit!

  6. Looks great, guy (@thom). I built this kit many years ago, and I recall some fit issues on the nacelles. For some reason, you don't see many B-26s at shows. It must be great to have an apprentice who shares your passion for planes and models.

  7. That’s a nice looking Martin ! You certainly did a great job building & painting it . I have two of the Revell incarnations of this kit. One of my favorite aircraft from the 1940s

  8. It is a great looking twin, and nice to hear a new one is on it's way finally 🙂 .
    My son is just coming up for 11 years old and enjoys building and painting. Not the cutting out and filing stuff. He uses my airbrush and is getting good results. Great fun us two egging each other on. He comes along to one of the model clubs too and thinks he has done good 🙂 he has asked if I can post a picture or two 🙂

  9. Looks like perseverance, stubbornness and talented skill defeated the plastic monster!

    Very nice result.

  10. Great job on this oldie! I'm also looking forward to the ICM release.

  11. Great job on one of Monogram’s more difficult kits.

  12. Well done for finishing what is obviously a challenging kit.

  13. It came out very well in the end! I really like the Marauder - need to build a few...

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