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Tamiya 1/35 Russian T-62A Tank

February 5, 2015 · in Armor · · 27 · 3.7K

The made its official appearance in the victory parade in 1965. It was introduced as a replacement for the successful T54/55 designs, and is similar in external shape and mechanisms. It is different by the use of a 115mm smooth bore gun as its main armament which can pierce armour plate as thick as 270mm at 2km distance. In 1973 Israeli troops captured a number of Arab T62 tanks, some which were sent to the US for testing, and were found to be wanting in a number of ways in relation to the current western tanks. The T62 is believed to have 7.62mm while the later T-62A has a 14.5mm gun. The T-62 was supposed to have a larger, more powerful engine than the T-55, but the tanks tested in the US had the original engine, perhaps these were fitted to 'export' versions... nobody can be sure.

's kit is obviously quite old as the hull still has mouldings for a motorised version, however, it still builds into an accurate replica. My version has the markings for the victory parade, and I think the commander is readying it for this event. He has forgotten to have the road tyres fitted, and is wishing his tank could have had a new coat of paint of Russian green because the metal is showing through in places where it has been 'bulled' up for the occasion. That's my story anyway. I've painted with Tamiya's Olive Drab 2, and weathered it very slightly with their weathering powder, and have tried to show the bare metal by using a soft pencil. Thanks for looking.

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  1. Good lookin' build, George - You must get a pretty good deal buyin' kits IN China, huh...?

    • Thanks, Craig, sorry about the blurry photographs, but I'm still having problems uploading the pictures at home, I had to use the office PC to do these. Some prices seem cheaper here, but, you have to remember how low the average wage is here...

  2. Nice tank, George 🙂 Russian tanks looks always "cool". Its a bit strange, seeing you posting a tank, i miss a bit the racing outfit 😉
    Well done my friend !

  3. Very nice looking tank. The low profile of the turret /gun and made this tank a dangerous adversary when the South African Army faced them during the Angolan Bush war of the late 70's and 1980's. Well done!

  4. Cool tank George! Russian armor is always a good subject, quite fancy doing some myself!

  5. Nice one George. Is the Cheiftan next?

    • Thanks, Greg, the Chieftain is on the way, I'm waiting for the weather to warm up so that I can take some pictures outside again. The temperature doesn't go above freezing point during the day at present, and at night can go as low as -25C!

  6. Nice model, George (nice change of pace).

  7. Nice one George, good to see you post mate.

  8. Nice clean build.

  9. Good one, George! There's something about WARPAC armor.
    In my youth, I figured I'd be seeing it up close, which luckily did not happen.

  10. Thanks, Bernard, this is as close as I would want to get!

  11. Nice looking armor piece, George. That's about as far away from a racing bike as you can get. A good change of pace, well done !

  12. George,
    You are the man.. Outstanding. I really enjoy looking at every model you post. Go ahead.. Do a NASCAR tank. You will make it shine. BUT.. It will still be a target.

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