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Academy 1/72 B-17f “Wabash Cannonball”

March 23, 2015 · in Aviation · · 36 · 4.3K

the venerable B-17f “The pride of Seattle” as it would have looked in June 1943 while part of the 91st heavy bombardment wing stationed at Bassingbourn at Cambridgeshire the livery of “Wabash Cannonball” painted by Sgt. Tony Starcer who also painted “Memphis Belle”...”Pistol Packin Mama”...”Little Miss Mischief”..”Little Patches'...”Miss Ouachita” and a 120 more...this is how it would have looked all most factory fresh even before the white triangle with the black A tail code was applied in July of 1943...just two months later she was to take part in the deadly raids against the ball bearing factories at bloody Schweinfurt but survived for two more years before taking flak in one engine over Berlin in May of 1944 sending a propeller through the fuselage ...i used True Details wheels and Superscale decals

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  1. First of all, great to see you back Bob.
    Nice finish mate, was the base a shop brought?
    Well done sir.

  2. Nicely finished and photographed, Mr. Mack...good work indeed.

  3. Whose olive drab? The earlier version tended to turn brownish, this looks like that.

  4. Very nice Bob! Great finish.

  5. Academy's B 17 range is very nice. Good detail overall and nice decals as well. You did an awesome job on this Flying Fortress! Well done.

    • thank you have to put a shim in the wing roots for diheadrall big...would love to build ROG ...g model for compari

  6. Hi Bob, very clean machine, in this scale no small achievement!

  7. Nice one Bob. Gotta love the "Fort"

  8. Nice clean build, Bob.

  9. Well done Fort Bob. How did you fix the extreme dihedral the Academy kits are know for?

  10. Nice build - and thanks for the tip on the Academy kits re: dihedral - I've got one in my stash to build and I'll make a note now!

  11. Beautiful Fortress Bob, nice and clean, looking really sharp

  12. i think you'd be most happy with the revell of looks like a fine modern kit and nicely detailed but with your skills you could work wonders with any of them

  13. Bob,
    You have indeed paid homage to this fine old bomber. Any person that ever flew one or flew in one would be emotional with what you have done here.
    This is beautiful. I compliment you.

  14. you sure did frank...thank you for that marvelous compliment sir

  15. Awesome work. I'm planning to build something bigger in 1/72 myself and after seeing your model I'm really considering the Fortress. I've never built Academy so could you drop a line about the kit?

  16. 'Listen to the thunder, the clanging and the roar, as it glides through the forest and the hills down by the shore..hear the mighty rush of the engine and a lonesome hobo call, riding through the jungle on the WABASH CANNONBALL". A clean build Bob, simple yet elegant.

  17. thank's mike...i needed bluegrass...roy acuff was the most popular singer among the troops in WW11...i guessed sinatra but was wrong

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