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On This Day...February 22nd

RAF Air Transport Auxilliary ferry pilot, Veronica, sits in her Spitfire, February 22nd, 1943. ______________ Four caskets containing 22nd Marines, Parry Island, Eniwetok, February 22nd, 1944. _______________ 22nd February 1944. A TBM Av[...]

On This Day...February 15th

‘Friendly fire’ (in this case quite literally) was a huge problem when organising bomb runs on the massive scale that Bomber Command executed in the war with Nazi Germany. These photos, taken on February 15th, 1943 in Scampton Airfield, Englan[...]

On This Day…February 3rd

The USS Enterprise CVN-65 was officially decommissioned on February 3rd, 2017. The event was marked with a private celebration on the hangar deck. _______________ Russian soldiers search some of the 200-plus German tanks left in the str[...]

On This Day…February 1st

In one of the most iconic aircraft photos of WWII, this is the B-17 ‘All American III’ - photographed by Lieutenant Charles “Cliff” Cutforth, a crew member aboard the B-17 ‘Flying Flint Gun’ which was on the same mission to Tunisia, on 1st Feb[...]

On This Day…January 13th

B17-G Flying Fortress (42-31604) ditched in Loch Quoich, Western Scotland on 13th January 1944. The aircraft was on a transatlantic ferry flight from Goose Bay, Canada to Nutts Corner (Northern Ireland) when, 600 miles off the Scottish coast, [...]

On This Day…January 11th

On January 11th, 1944, James H. Howard flew his P-51 Mustang alone into 30 or more Luftwaffe fighters that were attacking a formation of American B-17 Flying Fortresses over Oschersleben, Germany. For over half an hour, Howard protected the B[...]

On This Day…January 3rd

On the 3rd January, 1943, Staff Sgt Alan Magee (Ball Turret Gunner) pictured below, was blown out of his B-17 (named, 'Snap! Crackle! Pop!') at 22,000 feet after it was hit by flack. Without a parachute, Magee thought his time was up and before [...]

On This Day…December 31st.

On December 31st, 1940, the HMS Hood was berthed at Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, Scotland. United States Naval officer, Joseph Wellings, recorded the day in his diary... "Last day of 1940 – up at usual time 0745 – breakfast, a good mile and a qu[...]

On This Day…December 20th

Apologies for shamelessly plugging my own model here. On the return journey home from a bombing raid on Germany in December 1943, 20 year old pilot Charlie Brown nursed his critically injured B-17 toward the North Sea at under 2,000 ft and only[...]

Family, Friends, Food, Florida, Flying, Fun and good memories, but not necessarily in that order…..part 2

Louis Gardner was kind enough to put up with Joe Caputo and me for an entire day that turned into quite a memorable one. The tour of the American Aero Services shop in New Smyrna Beach, FL, was the icing on the cake, but most important was meet[...]