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s.s. minnow from gilligan’s island

i started with a lindberg 1/64th scale pt-109 hull and scratch built everthing up from there i only hade a few screen shots to go from down side is they were three different boats used the
rental boat in the opening of the first season the prop boat used for the beach scenes and the boat from the second and third seasons openings so i did what was easiest and mixed the three differnt boats together to make one

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6 responses to s.s. minnow from gilligan’s island

  1. That has really nice lines, Mike. How much longer do you think it willl be before you are finished.?

  2. thanks i am finished with it till i find some approprate sized figures for it

  3. Mike,
    Interesting concept

  4. Mike, I think 1/63rd is model railroad “S” scale, like the OLD Lindberg B-17G.(!)
    The scale was not real popular, but Walters model railroad catalogue might have the figures.
    Prieser (German outfit) makes a whole bunch of various scaled figures, to include folks in bathing suits.

  5. thanks for the tip

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