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Tamiya Ki-61 with 'that' colour scheme

June 20, 2021 · in Aviation · · 36 · 2.3K

This was a quick build of 's beautifully engineered -Id Hien kit in 1/48 scale which I bought on a work trip to Tokyo years ago and have only just got around to building now that lockdowns are over and I can access my workshop again!

I was pleased with the natural metal finish given by using AK Xtreme Metal's Steel and highlights of Aluminium over a Mr Color Gloss Black base layer. I almost went with the scheme without the green mottling - partly to preserve the NMF look and partly because it's an intimidating scheme to freehand with the airbrush. In the end I caved (as most do I think) because the mottled scheme just looks so unique.

Anyhow, I think it came out ok (ish), although I'm clearly out of practice in terms of spray discipline/fine tuning thinner ratios to avoid splatter...

Slideshow build video here for any interested:

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  1. Looks like your airbrushing is still "up to snuff." Nice result.

  2. You've done a spectacular job on what I consider the most handsome single-engine Japanese aircraft of WWII! The modeling mottling looks great too! 🙂

    • Thanks Gary! Interesting that you like the Ki-61 on looks; as a lifelong aircraft obsessive (especially warbirds), I have to say that I find the Hien airframe interesting but unavoidably ugly to look at... I'd prefer an A6M2/3 or a Ki-84 any day in terms of aesthetic appeal! Funny how these things strike folks differently! 🙂

  3. Came out great, Justin! Excellent mottling. I like AK metallics too.

    • Thanks John! I've be completely converted by the AK Xtreme metals; they're just so much easier to work with and so much more durable than Alclad...

  4. Very nice looking machine.

  5. A wonderful result of a good kit, Justin!
    Nice, clean and solid work, love the freehand camo!

  6. Excellent paintwork, Justin.
    You did fantastic work on that camouflage pattern.
    Ditto for the rest of build.

  7. Justin.
    This happens to be my favorite WW2 Japanese aircraft. I have built it too and it’s one of, if not the very best kit on the market today. I have one more left in the stash and I have plans to build it up wearing a bare metal foil finish. So please keep looking for it to pop up here someday.

    I like everything about it and you have definitely done some great work with yours. It’s looks really good. So I definitely pressed the liked button.
    Take care my friend. Stay safe too.

  8. Justin! That's a fine looking build. Very eye appealing. And by the way...I wish my airbrushing was that "bad" too.

  9. You did a beautiful job on that scheme! That is one pretty Tony.

  10. Lovely work Justin!

  11. Fantastic build and paint job, well done on ths Hien!

  12. Perfect job. Bravo!

  13. Well done Justin, she truly is an eye catcher.

  14. You've really brought out the best of this kit, Justin, that camouflage scheme is beautifully executed. Definitely liked.

  15. Nice model, excellent camo , i like it very much

  16. G'day Justin (@britflyer),
    I've been catching up on my reading and come across your build.
    That is a very good rendition of a classic scheme.
    Your mottling skills are superb.

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