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Superbattleship Yomata in 1:1375.935

May 31, 2015 · in Ships · · 9 · 6.2K

The Yomata was the follow up of the -Class battleships. She was launched on the 30, February 1944 and commissioned on the 29 June 1945.
On the 6, of August 1945 she shot down the Enola Gay with her infra red guided AA artillery. She then proceeded to the US naval base of Ulithi where she sank all the US ships present with her 77,793 cm laser guided main artillery. Shortly thereafter she sank the US Battleships USS Illinois, USS Kentucky, USS Montana and USS Ohio at the Battle of Hawaii whereupon peace was forced down the throat of the USA.
The Philippines, Alaska Indochina large parts of China, Manchuria, Borneo, new Guinea etc were ceded to Japan.
As the Yomata turned home, Stalin chickened out and ceded the Kamchatka peninsula before even a shot was fired.

The kit form is excellent.* Great efforts mere made to get the attachment points for the display posts perfectly centered. Thanks to that effort, only minor adjustments were needed to align the model perfectly vertical end perpendicular on the base plate.

The rigging commenced by attaching the rigging line to the flag post with a secure knot. About two meters of fishing line* were needed to rig the model according to the original shipyard plans.

The model depicts the ship a few hours before Emperor Horihoto visited the ship in the Tokyo Bay shortly after its homecoming.
For this grand occasion Admiral Osikuru Yomomata has had his underwear washed an the crew is busy exercising at the guns prior to the grand salute.


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