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Heinkel He 162A-2 Volksjäger, Trimaster 1/48

Made from a box somewhere 1989 crosses paint and decal.
xtracolor .RLM: late war.
For now, the only representative of the Luftwaffe in my showcase
In stash im have new TAMIYA to build Capture colors of RAF.


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11 responses to Heinkel He 162A-2 Volksjäger, Trimaster 1/48

  1. nicely done. I always thought this was a cool looking plane.

  2. Greetings :
    Nice model and work.
    It still is a little mind boggling, after all these years, this aircraft ( as well as others ) still capture ones attention. One kind of put oneself in to the mind set of those years and find themselves wondering. One word tells it all … HISTORY. Thank you for sharing those pictures.

  3. A deceptively simple looking airframe, when in fact there’s a lot going on. Nice attention to finishes, and decal work.

  4. P.k said on June 9, 2015

    I hope that I will soon be able to show new products
    We are still at work and some inconvenience the third jeep
    Tamiya 1/48 It goes to completion Week two will be on display.


  5. Good one, PK!
    Good thing in many ways this didn’t get into widespread service, particularly with Hitler Youth pilots. The same type wood glue problems as the WW I EV/DVIII.
    Whose Jeep kit(s) are you working on?

  6. Never have built one of these, P.k. – I must say, yours turned out quite well.

  7. Nice work P.k – great subject too

  8. Good clean build of an unusual subject, P.k., thank you for showing it to us.

  9. Nive build on this old kit! Dragons always a bit fiddly You made a great work on it.

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